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Apps to Keep Kids’ School Skills Sharp

Sshhh... don’t tell the kids that they’re actually learning

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean kids have to stop learning. (This is where my kids start frowning at me and say that I am evil)

What I love about apps is that there are so many awesome ones now that capture kids’ imagination while actually teaching them something at the same time. Truth be told, I’m one of those grown ups that secretly “plays” on some of my kids’ apps to sharpen my little grey cells. Can’t let the kids get ahead of me in the brain game, but they usually are!

Check out these fun apps that will help to keep your kids’ school skills sharp over the summer and maybe get them off to a little bit of a head start when they head back to school in September.

Marble Math Junior

With this app, kids solve math problems by collecting numbers as they roll a marble through a series of mazes. Trust me, kids won’t realize how hard their brains are working with this one.

Scholastic First Discovery: Dinosaurs

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Pretty sure they will love this interactive app designed to help kids learn more about the prehistoric world.

Spell + Friends

Two thousand words with definitions and etymology — this app is a great help for kids to sharpen up their spelling skills.

The World By National Geographic

One of the best reference apps I’ve found, The World by National Geographic shows your kids hundreds of maps, flags, and photos of a rapidly changing world. I learned the hard way that my old school atlas is useless for my kids. This app is all you need.

Science 360

Geared mainly to high-school students, this app provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and streaming video on a wide variety of topics.

PBS Parents Play & Learn

Designed just for parents, this app features games that parents can play with their kids. Familiar locations are used for themes that will resonate with your kids.

Bonus app (not applicable for report cards but lots of fun)

Smash Your Food

Kids love to smash things, especially when it makes a mess. This app shows kids different foods to smash, crush, and explode while at the same time teaches them about nutrition. Win-win combo to go.

Spill it! What kind of apps do your kids use to keep their school skills sharp?

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