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Days Photo App: A Visual Diary Of Your Day

An Unfiltered Day Of Your Life

Last week I was introduced to a very cool new photo app called “Days.” Days is a visual diary app — something that you can use to share moments in your day.

According to their description on iTunes, “Days is the most natural, authentic, and casual way to capture and share your life. Keep your days private or share them with friends and family.”

I’m always up for finding more ways of sharing photos, so I gave Days a try. And quickly fell in love with it.

This is a little bit of what I was up to last Friday.

What separates Days from other photo-diary type apps is that the photos are unfiltered — you have to take the photo from within the app itself and there is no editing involved. No cheating or trying to make the day look any more beautiful than it already is. Each photo gets timestamped and entered into your “day.” At the end of the day, you have the option to delete any photos from your “day," but you can’t edit any of them, or change the timestamp. I love the organic feel of that, it’s life unfiltered.

Sharing your “days” can be done via text message, email, or by posting to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. This is great for people who want to share their day with friends or family, without emailing them 10 photos at a time, or posting them to a social media site. And having the option to keep your photos private means you are only sharing them with the people you want to share them with. I like that.

I also really like the feature of being able to create animated GIFs with my photos — it was a lot of fun to experiment with. (Don’t tell my kids, I’ll never get my phone back!).

Image credit: Days

Additional features of the Days app:

  • Unique emoji-based commenting system makes it fun to interact with friends and family
  • Works offline. Capture and edit your day without internet connection and post whenever you get back online
  • Photos save to your phone’s camera roll In-app diary lets you browse past days
  • One tap to share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
  • Share your day via text message or email
  • Supports front & back camera
  • Digital zoom
  • Unlimited free uploads

I have a feeling that my family will be using Days quite a bit this summer, it’s a great way to quickly capture those fleeting moments of your child’s summertime without spending extra time fussing about what the photo looks like.

Life unfiltered can be a good thing indeed.