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Kmart Wants You To Ship Your Pants

Brilliant wordplay makes for a fun, viral video

Kmart has made the news recently for a very clever commercial that has quickly gone viral over the internet. The wordplay in it is quick, clever, and for most people, pretty funny. In this house, because I am a very bad influence on my kids and partake of rude humour more so than some, the video was played constantly over the course of the day. I showed it to pretty much anyone who came within 5 feet of me, Facebooked it, Tweeted it, texted it to family and kept it up on my computer browser all day so I could keep replaying it.

However, as with many viral videos, there are some that object to the clever wordplay, saying that it's offensive and shocking. What do you think?

Take a look — is this Kmart commercial funny or offensive?