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Chris Hadfield’s Amazing Photos From Space

Breathtaking Images From 400 kms In Orbit

I used to have a very simple morning routine. Get the paper from the porch & sit down to read it with a cup of coffee. A great start to the day. For the past few months, that’s all changed. The paper is pretty much forgotten and the first thing I do in the morning over a cup of coffee is check out the photos that Commander Chris Hadfield is tweeting out from space.

From SPACE! Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to operate the Canadarm, the first Canadian to walk in space, is now the first Canadian to command the International Space Station. Ever since late December, Commander Hadfield has been tweeting and posting photos on his Facebook page from the International Space Station, another first. He has a window of the world that very few people have seen in person, and he’s sharing it for everyone to see.

And it’s freaking amazing.

We live in an incredible world in which technology is evolving at a breakneck speed. The fact that an astronaut can tweet out photos from space and we see them instantly, still stuns me. He’s not 400 kms away tweeting this stuff out, he’s 400 kms in space — orbiting around the world!

Here are some of my favourite images posted by Chris Hadfield. Take a look at his Twitter feed and his Facebook page too and if your kids haven’t seen them yet... they need to.

Trust me, tomorrow you’ll be looking for Commander Hadfield’s latest post first thing in the morning too. Forget the paper.

@Cmdr_Hadfield: To commemorate the passing of the Iron Lady, in the centre of these London lights is #10 Downing Street.



@Cmdr_Hadfield: Sometimes Mother Nature uses a protractor, like here in New Zealand's South Island


@Cmdr_Hadfield: Tonight's Finale: I have no idea what this Brazilian outcrop looks like on the ground, but from orbit, it's a brain.


@Cmdr_Hadfield: A clear Dublin night in early Spring


@Cmdr_Hadfield: Pillowy farms of eastern Europe, tidily etched in snow


@Cmdr_Hadfield: Tonight's Finale: Aurora dances above a ribbon of dawn


@Cmdr_Hadfield: These mouthwatering generous folds of icing are actually Saudi sand.


@Cmdr_Hadfield: Belle Isle, Newfoundland — natural icebreaker at the mouth of the Strait


@Cmdr_Hadfield: The river hiccups like a zipper on an old coat.


@Cmdr_Hadfield: Tonight's Finale: Our Moon, forever to be graced by the footprints of twelve brave men

All images courtesy @Cmdr_Hadfield — Twitter