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Facebook Reveals a Redesigned News Feed

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Beautiful Stories

It’s spring-cleaning time at Facebook and they’re making a big change to how we see our updates from friends and pages we follow each today. Today they revealed the new layout and design for the Facebook news feed and it can be summed up in one word:


The revised news feed is less cluttered, more visual, and definitely eye-catching. Photos and images are the focus of how the new layout has been designed and for me, it’s a massive improvement.

Translation: I freakin’ love it.

Photo stories have gone from little thumbnail images into big, bold stories that visually grab you. Article previews that are being shared with you are much bigger, as are status updates that show videos, locations, and maps.

Facebook is also switching up their mobile design to coordinate with this latest release, so that it is a more unified experience between different devices and the website itself.

This makes me happy.

The whole organization of the Facebook news feed has been given a shake up. We will be able to view multiple feeds that are now categorized differently. All photos, friends, following, groups etc. will be able to be viewed easily.

According to a Facebook developer featured on their video, one thing they kept hearing about was that people wanted more control over what they were seeing in their news feeds. This new design will definitely empower the user to view what they want.

This is where the control freak in me gets a little worried though, as I have spent a little bit of time getting my pages neatly organized into lists that I can easily read through each day. I’m not sure what the new design will mean to lists that currently exist, but I certainly hope that they will remain as a viewing option.

If I lose my lists, I just might cry.

And speaking of lists, if you’re like me and have to be on any sort of list to be the “first person to get this!” then scoot on over here pronto to be put on the list to get the revised news layout first. The new design starts today and as with all other Facebook changes, will start rolling out slowly as the world adjusts and calms down.

Take a look about what’s behind the brand new Facebook news feed in this video. What do you think, is the new design a hit or a miss?

Image credit: Facebook