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Super Bowl Showdown: Samsung vs. Blackberry

Which Ad Was The Best?

I have to admit that I love the ads of Super Bowl. I’m one of those people that watches them on YouTube for days after the game is actually over. This year was no different and there were a lot of good commercials, but two ads that got a large amount of attention could only be labelled under “Battle Of The Smartphones.”

Samsung vs. Blackberry.

Both companies had great commercials and they were very different, which got my tiny techy mind ticking.

The Samsung commercial was smart, funny, humourous, and featured two hot Hollywood dudes, plus it integrated the clever hashtag of #TheNextBigThing. The storyline involves Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd competing with each other to see which one is going to be “The Next Big Thing” with Samsung. There are actually a series of videos, and they’re all very clever. Even the third actor playing the nameless executive is funny.

Take a look:

In contrast, there were no Hollywood actors in the Blackberry commercial, but there was a guy going for a very interesting walk through the city. As some very cool & catchy music played in the background, he turned into half of an elephant, caught on fire and watched as a gas tanker careening towards him suddenly turned into hundreds of rubber duckies.

At first I thought he was making all of these magical things happen with his phone, but then the announcer cleared up my confusion with the words, “In 30 seconds, it’s easier to show you what it can’t do.”

Whew! The last thing I need right now is my legs becoming the size of an elephant’s.

Here’s the Blackberry commercial:

Two very different companies marketing two different yet similar products in two very unique ways. It’s interesting to think about what demographic they are aiming for with their ads—because Hollywood actors sell, as does creative imagery with catchy music, but they sell them to totally different types of consumers. I think, anyway.

So, what do you think? Which company won the “Best Smartphone Super Bowl Ad of 2013” award? I’m undecided. However, I have just one question:

Where was the iPhone commercial?