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Amanda House Takes on Loblaws

The Power Of A Viral Video

I’m going to cut right to the chase. Watch this entire video: 

Are you angry now? If you are, you’re not alone. All of a sudden this brave woman has a small virtual army behind her fight for her business and her fiance’s life.

On December 10, 2012, YoPRO founder Amanda House recorded the video above and didn’t beat around the bush with what she had to say. In her very first sentence, she strongly said her name and who the video was addressed to—Galen Weston Jr. of Loblaws Company Ltd. In less than 4 minutes, Amanda told the entire story of how Loblaws entered into a commitment with her company to put their product into their stores, then after recovering from a “mistake” that left YoPRO literally “forgotten” by Loblaws, they were set to re-launch into even more stores across more provinces only to have the business relationship dissolve resulting in lawsuits and costly delays. She also made mention how Loblaws duplicated the YoPRO product under their own PC label—hearing that part of the story left me speechless and sad.

With less than a minute left in her video, Amanda tells Galen Weston what the biggest price paid so far has been...

As Amanda holds her phone up to the camera in the video, you see the image of her business partner and fiance Chris Delaney lying unconscious in a hospital bed. The photo was taken a few days earlier, when he had to be rushed to the hospital after having an adverse reaction to a medication.

Amanda’s speech in the video is clear, detailed, and powerful. She has a message and she needs the world to hear it.

I became aware of the video through Facebook and thought it would be a story that the fans of the YMC Facebook page would want to hear. So I posted a link to Amanda’s video and wasn’t surprised when the comments and shares came fast and furious.

Take a look at them here.

In just 24 hours, Amanda House’s video plea to Galen Weston and Loblaws has gone viral. It’s received thousands of views, it’s being talked about on Twitter and Facebook and people are up in arms about what has happened to this small Canadian business, and the people behind it.

It’s amazing to think that, if there were no such thing as YouTube or social media platforms, all of these people who are so upset and demanding something be done for YoPRO would have no idea it was even happening. That right there shows us the power of a public video, however short & simple, and the incredible reach it can have.

I know this story is going to hit the media in a big way very quickly. Amanda’s fight has taken a very public and very personal turn and it looks like she’s suddenly got the support of thousands of Canadians who know that what’s happened to her, her partner and their business is wrong.

One small voice, one small video, one huge reaction. Powerful stuff, indeed.