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Spotlight on Nicholas Oldland

Great Books to Teach Children (and Adults!) Morals & Lessons

One of the things we love about children's books is that they deal with a lot of life's issues and problems in straightforward, easy to understand, and often times humorous ways. The best part is not only can children benefit from the lessons and morals found within the pages, but adults can as well. One author/illustrator who is great at speaking to children and also adults is Nicholas Oldland. It's no secret around here that we love his books. His previous picture books "Big Bear Hug" and "Making the Moose out of Life" along with the newly released "The Busy Beaver" are recommended by us on a regular basis. With his trademark simple and colourful artistic style, each book has an excellent lesson to think about.

Big Bear Hug (Kids Can Press 2009)

One of the funniest picture books you will ever read, "Big Bear Hug" tells the story of a bear with so much love in his heart that he is compelled to give everyone and everything he sees a great big hug. Large or small, bear gives hugs to all the forest animals much to their surprise. When he encounters a lumberjack cutting down one of his beloved trees, he is conflicted and unsure of how to act. Should he be angry and attack the lumberjack or should he be his usual loving self and give him a hug? A wonderful tale about being yourself and acting in your character.


Making the Moose Out of Life (Kids Can Press 2010)

No matter what activity his friends are doing, Moose sits on the sidelines and watches. Jumping in puddles is too wet for him, flying a kite is too windy, and skiing is too cold. However, he can't shake the feeling that he is missing out on something. So, in order to find a sense of adventure he sets out on a sailing trip. When disaster strikes, Moose learns some important lessons. "Making the Moose Out of Life" is a great way to teach about enjoying life and making the best of whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Busy Beaver (Kids Can Press 2011)

"The Busy Beaver" tells the story of a beaver who is so consumed by his constant work that he misses what is going on around him and doesn't pay attention to what affect he is having on everyone. His carelessness causes all kinds of destruction to the forest and injury to his friends and fellow animals. It isn't until he is forced to stop working that he finally sees all the damage he has caused. A perfect reminder for all the workaholic adults out there.

Make sure to check out these books next time you're in your local bookstore or library and keep them in mind not just for the children in your life, but the adults as well.

Now go read a book with your kids...