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Read This Now: "Floors"

The amazing new novel for kids by Patrick Carmen

We started our little bookstore and immersed ourselves in the world of children's literature because we love it. It doesn't matter how long it's been and how many books come through our store, we still get excited when a new book is delivered. We get all giddy when we find out that there will be a new release from one of our favourite authors or illustrators and when we discover an amazing new book we become borderline annoying because we can't wait to share it with everyone we can.

This kind of thing happens a lot for us because, although there are a fair amount of bad books out there, there are just so many great books for children and young adults. Every once in a while though, a truly special book comes along.

A couple of months ago I had finished the book I was reading and started to dig through the ever-growing pile of novels to read next. For some reason or another which I still can't figure out, I chose an advance copy of "Floors" by Patrick Carman (Scholastic 2011) which the publisher had sent to us. I went in with zero expectations and was "floored" (ha!).

"Floors" tells the story of Leo and his father who are both live-in maintenance workers at the Whippet Hotel. This isn't just any old hotel however but one of the craziest, zaniest hotels in existence! Designed and built by the eccentric inventor Merganzer Whippet, the hotel boasts oddly themed floors, hidden passages, roller-coaster-like elevators, and a resident family of ducks. When Merganzer Whippet disappears, Leo is sent a strange puzzle box and a quest which must be completed in only four days. Along with his new friend (the hotel bellhop Remi), adventure, riddles, and hijinks await Leo as he endeavours to unlock the mysteries of the Whippet Hotel.

Full of humour, great characters, and a quickly paced narrative, "Floors" is a near to perfect novel. The best part is that it's so squeaky-clean and entertaining that you could read it to children (and adults) of any age. Seriously, run out to your local bookstore or library and get a copy. Send copies to every kid you know. Buy one for your child's teacher to read in the classroom. It's that good and we want everyone to know it.

Now go read a book with your kids...