Dr. Trina Read: Beyond the Bedroom


Why Vibrators Were Invented

Stressful day? Chillax with an orgasm

Picture this: you're having a really (REALLY) stressful day. Work is crazy, kids are crazy, making supper is crazy, partner is crazy. You get the picture.

What can you do to calm down? Well, in the Victorian Era (the late 1800s), women would go to their doctor and get a 'genital massage.' Yes, you read that right. The doctors would get these women off to a point of orgasm to help with their hysteria.

It was believed the sexual release would treat emotional or mental problems.

And this is why vibrators were invented!

Due to overwhelming demand, doctors’ hands would often become tired as some women needed to be ‘calmed down’ two or three times a week!

The vibrator that you know and love today, was invented to aid doctors treat hysterical/ stressed out women.

And you know what? I think the Victorian's were on to something: having an orgasm for instant stress relief is really quite clever.

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