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Give Yourself the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Making it an all-about-me Mother's Day with a little help from OhhhCanada.ca

I was volunteering at my son’s playschool when his teacher announced that the kids were going to start their Mother’s Day gift. Under my breath I said, “Do you know what I really want for Mother’s Day?”

The other mommy volunteer must have heard me because she chimed in with, “Time to myself!”

Smiling at her I got into the Mother’s Day fantasy, “A full day at the spa, with a bunch of people waiting on my every need.”

We both sighed and with eyes glazed-over took a minute to daydream about our perfect Mother’s Day gift: “Time, relaxation and someone taking care of our every need.”

This mini-fantasy got me thinking, “Why can’t mommies give themselves this small piece of this perfection—even if it’s just for one day? We all deserve a much-needed shot of it's-all-about-me sexual self-confidence."

Just imagine: walking into the bedroom on Mother's Day and asking (perhaps demanding) our partners for what WE want. To be able to say that sometimes sex is about our need for relaxation and for our partner to take care of us. To make this all-about-me fantasy into a reality, I consulted with the good people at OhhhCanada.ca. Together we came up with the perfect sexual self-confidence Mother’s Day package. It’s only four steps and one click away.

Step One:
Get your PC muscle groove on

I do my Kegel exercises every day and I am very proud of my fantastically in shape Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle for short). If it were possible, I would trot my PC muscle out for bikini season and show it off.

Here's the 411 on why it's important for you to get your PC muscle in tip top shape: Not only will doing your Kegel exercises make you a confident sneezer after child birth, it will aid in you having kick-ass orgasms. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of sexual self confidence to gain in this two-minute a day activity.

Not sure how? Try the Canadian made Magic Banana (you just have to love that name!) Here's a video which best explains how it works.

Step Two:
Get out of your head and into your body

Women are natural multi-taskers which is fantastic for every place but the bedroom. We’ve all experienced it—walking into the bedroom too caught up in our heads to really relax enough…until everything is over.

Well here’s an easy solution: put on a beautiful robe and give your skin an all over silk bath. As you can see (yes, this is me modeling) this is a lucious Baci Satin Kimono in Leopard. You can also get it in pale pink if you prefer. It’s long enough to cover everything and short enough to make you feel just a tad sinful.

And for the record you put this robe on for you; to help YOU feel great. So if you don't feel sexy, throw on this pretty robe. Ate too much at supper, throw on this pretty robe. That you look sexy for your partner is simply an added bonus.

Step Three:
Puuuurrrrrr, caress your body

Now comes the real fun. Relaxing from your crazy day is as easy as lying on this luxurious Liberator Throe.

Picture this: While looking lovely in your Baci Kimono, you lie down and caress your entire body with this Liberator Fascinator Throe. Just try not to sleep the instant your head hits the blanket: your partner might be a bit offended if they see drool coming our of your mouth while they're in the middle of a massage. Or maybe you just don't care.

And if you get the Liberator Throe gooped up with massage oils or lube, no worries. The Liberator Throe is machine-washable so rub your whole body around. It feels good to be bad!

Step Four:
Wake up your other senses

Finally, the all-about-me Mother's Day moment has come and it's time for you to relax and let your partner give you a no-strings-attached massage.

There are a lot of different options for massaging products. I like lickable Massage Bars because if you’ve ever gotten into a massage and decided to give a little love bite or kiss, most massage oils taste like, well, massage oil.

This lickable Massage Bar is like a three-for-one sensation—you smell fantastic, you taste great and you feel lovely. Lickable Massage Bars are available in nine flavours and are made from all-natural ingredients tastes sweet as it's sweetend with all-natural stevia (suitable for diabetics and calorie-free).

So ladies, I sincerely hope this Mother's Day you make me proud and make it all about you. Once we get a hit of sexual self-confidence our sex life becomes infinitely better.

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