Dr. Trina Read: Beyond the Bedroom


Create Romance with an Unexpected Gift

While a gift does not automatically equal sex, it could become the new foreplay in your life.

Getting gifts during a holiday, like Valentine's Day, is always nice (and hopefully appreciated).

However, it's the non-holiday days of the year when we receive a little something that really can bring those magic, filled-with-intimacy moments. It takes you back to those nostalgic 'newbie days' when you wrote each other love notes, endless emails and texts, and bought cards and gifts to express your love.

Let's be clear: a gift does not automatically equal sex. Rather it's the thought you put into the gift that gets the ear-to-ear smile—that then creates the intimacy—that can get you a little something.

Buying presents doesn't have to be a big and expensive ordeal. Small gifts are just as good.

Here are some 'girly' ideas to get you started. Buy or make three small gifts:
 one gift is to nourish the mind
 another to nurture the body
 the last one to warm the heart

Your gifts can include: her favorite magazine or book; a favorite chocolate; or a CD of their favorite music.

Wrap each one individually and present the gifts to them over dinner. Even better: surprise your lover.

More important than the gifts themselves: Tell her why you chose each gift as she unwraps each one.