Dr. Trina Read: Beyond the Bedroom


Hot Oil Massage? Yes Please!

The best foreplay EVER is day dreaming of an all-about-me hot oil massage.

Week #8—Six Month Sex Challenge

The Magnificent Jimmy Jane Candle
Warm massage oil being dribbled onto and lovingly massaged into my tired naked body. This was the thought that I’ve fantasized, perhaps obsessed, about all week.

And it was a challenging week. What’s new? I needed the fantasy to get through. My computer got a major Trojan virus (who are these nasty people doing this malicious stuff?); I’m finding pee all over my house as my toddler figures out potty training; and the house is on a rigorous morning schedule as I write my next book.

All of it manageable as I kept reading the Jimmy Jane Candle description: “Light AFTERGLOW and use it as a candle, then blow it out and drizzle it on the body. When heated, the wax liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin. Great while lit, even better in the dark. More than a candle, it’s an encounter.”

Made me tingly all over.

Setting the Mood 101—A Refresher Course
The day of my glorious warm massage I wanted it to be a special evening. I thought, “I’m going to make a nice supper for us.”

Then as 5:00 rolled around, I had the chance to look in the mirror—major frump mom. Put on some we’re-having-company clothes, a little makeup and earrings. Husband came home and I gave him an affectionate kiss.

After I put my toddler to bed thought, “I’m going to light some candles.” Somehow found six tea lights on the top shelf of closet and dusted them off. Inspired by the warm mood of candles, I went into my closet and pulled out a negligee set. Slipped it over my head…and it was snug…but still able to pull it over my ample baby-booty.

ACK! Looked down and my legs looked like they belonged to a gorilla. Madly dashed into the bathroom and shaved my legs.

Vibrating with excitement, I found my husband who had somehow lulled our newborn to sleep—thank god! Did a little twirl in my negligee as he admired me...while simultaneously giving me an update on how he was fixing the Trojan virus. (Truly grateful I have him to fix my computer, but come on, this is an all-about-me moment.)

I led him to the bedroom. Just before we stepped over the threshold, he stepped in some missed toilet-training toddler pee (honestly, my house is not a pigsty). Took a couple of minutes to clean it up.

How was the massage?
I am happy to say that I was not let down. Having the warm wax drizzled onto my back was the closest thing to erotic I’ve felt in months. The scent of the “Fig Leaf” was lovely, not too sweet or over powering. And the wax didn’t leave a stain on my negligee or sheets.

The massage felt so heavenly that there was a drool spot on the sheets. Felt so relaxed and happy that I wanted to reciprocate, so I gave my husband a mini-massage.

Besides the mad dash to the bathroom to dehair my legs, setting the mood was easy and fun. Overall very lovely and much needed experience.

Husband's rating on Jimmy Jane Candle
He gives it an 8/10. He loves the fragrance and the sensations of the warm massage oil.

Next week, it’s all about my husband and we’ll be trying the We-Vibe.

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(My Six Month Sex Challenge blog series was originally published in 2009. I'm happy to report now that my kids are 3 and 5 years old, my sex life is back on track!) Image Source