Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Eat Drink Love: Creating happy relationships with food and drink

Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Very excited to announce my new video series called Eat Drink Love. It's all about creating happy relationships and memories with yummy food and drink. Here is the first attempt at creating this video series and any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Ever have one of those couple-fighting days? No matter how you try to stay out of each other's way, you are still grating on each other's last nerve...

Here's our Eat Drink Love suggestion on how to make your relationship better: eat some pie. Oh and while you're at it throw a little yummy'ness into your coffee. Then spend a Lazy Day Love-in with each other. Here's how.

To find out how to make this delicious (and easy) pie & coffee visit


Products to Awaken Your Sensuality

The Earthly Delights tin is a great sensual starter kit

Products to Awaken Your Sensuality

Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #20

Before I became a sex expert...
Before I officially took the plunge to become a sex expert—I was working at an accounting firm in Corporate Canada if you can believe it—I thought a good way to get my feet wet in the sex world would be to be home sex party rep. You must understand fifteen years ago this type of business was still pretty new to the marketplace.

Toys and home sex parties have come a long way since—thank goodness!—--because with all the wonderful toys on the market now, I realize what I was selling back then was pure crap. (Sorry to all those people who I sold those crap toys to.)

Kamasutra® Products
However, one merchandise line that has stood the quality test of time is Kamasutra®. Back then it was one of the few higher quality products that emphasized sensuality instead of (the old and tired) one-way ticket to a rabbit charged, vibrating orgasm. And for that, I feel, Kamasutra® deserves a lot of respect.

What’s Inside the Earthly Delights Gift Tin?
It’s a good assortment of foreplay fun, to get your body revved up and into the sex.
Oil of Love—Meant to be used for oral sex.
Honey Dust with Feather Applicator—Lovely to dust on yourself before sex—makes your body taste sweet from the honey crystals.
Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm—this is to stimulate your clitoris (or used sparingly on the head of his penis)
Sweet Almond Massage Oil—It has a lovely fragrance and a good viscosity
Vanilla Crème Body Souffle—Meant to massage on and then lick off (yum!)

It’s a treat for the senses. The products come in a lovely box (not a tin) that you probably could have out where company could see it. Upon opening the tin, you will be immediately hit with a heady mixture of pleasant fragrances.

It’s so important for new moms (and dads) to remember on focus on sensuality. It helps her to feel more sexy and sexual. This is the perfect sensual starter kit if you don’t know where to begin. It’s reasonably priced—it’s mid-quality but still good enough and affordable enough to see which sensuality product(s) you prefer.

Try it, you’ll probably love it.

Photo source for Kamasutra® Earthly Delights Gift Tin