The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

How a person expresses their love is unique

The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

How a person expresses their love is unique...and sometimes confusing to the receiving partner.

For example, you may feel a person shows their love by the quality of gifts they give to you, while your partner expresses their love by doing nice things for you--ultimately this leads to you feeling gypped and your partner feels unappreciated.

Go through the list below to see which language of love you prefer. Find out more at

  Words of Affirmation
You feel loved when your partner expresses appreciation for the small things you do.

  Quality Time
Periods where you have your partner’s complete attention.

  Receiving Gifts
Some people appreciate the thought that goes into a personal gift.

  Acts of Service
When someone goes out of their way to make things more pleasant or smooth for you.

Which one best describes you?


Make Time to Massage Her

Where Foreplay is King

Make Time to Massage Her

There's a reason why every sex expert under the sun says, "Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay."

In our hectic, stress-induced world, women get wrapped up in her never ending to-do lists and become disconnected from her body.

Foreplay helps couples to reconnect with each other, their bodies and gets them juiced-up and into the lovemaking experience. Imagine, just ten minutes can mean the difference between mediocre sex and fantastic sex.

Massage is such an easy way to create a fantastic foreplay experience as the soothing touch provides the gateway for her to focus on her sexual pleasure.

Giving her a massage doesn't have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten minute hand or foot massage will provide similar results.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before; making the effort and doing your best is what matters.

Keep in mind: remove any ideas of having sex once the massage is done: give the massage simply because she’ll love it. If anything else happens afterwards, great! But don’t expect more than a smile and thank you.