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10 Active & Fun Mother's Day Outings

Don't Give Her Flowers, Give Her Outdoor Family Fun

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For many, Mother's Day is enjoying a large family brunch with Grandma followed by a couch coma for the rest of the day, but with Spring in full bloom, Mother's Day is the perfect day to take it outside!

It has been our tradition for years now to spend both Mother's Day and Father's Day being active. We are eager to get our bikes out of the garage in May so Mother's Day is usually spent with my kids and my Mom (thats us in the photo) on a two hour round trip bike ride that includes a stop for a very special treat!  Father's Day we celebrate doing Dad’s favorite activities like rock climbing, golfing or even just playing basketball in the driveway.

This Mother’s Day celebrate the weather warming up and the fact that the family has the day reserved just for you and fill those bike tires and dust off the hiking shoes and prepare for an outdoor adventure. 

Here are 10 fabulous ideas for a fun filled Mothers Day, active family style.

1. Bike for Ice Cream

We have found the perfect beach side ice cream shop on the edge of a 17km bike path that follows the shoreline. It’s a gorgeous ride and ice cream always tastes better after a short drive and a long bike ride.

2. Hike

Follow a favorite hiking trail or explore local attractions and drive to a new forest, Conservation Area or waterfall and spend the afternoon getting lost, feeding the birds or chasing butterflies.

3. Geocache

If you haven’t tried Geocaching yet, Mothers Day is the perfect day for it. Download the free app and choose “Find Nearby Caches,” you will be surprised how many treasures are literally hiding just outside your back door. Lots of tips to get you started here.

4. Plant a Garden

Turn the soil, pull the weeds, plant the seeds, and visit the garden centre to plan the perfect flower or vegetable garden that you can nurture with the kids all summer long. 

5. Roller Blading

Strap on the elbow pads and wrist guards and get your blades on. Roller blading is not just for kids. It's like riding a bike - once you learn you never really forget how -  you just have to get out there and do it. Find a nearby smooth bike path and go for a spin.

6. Hit the Beach

It may not be bathing suit weather quite yet, but you can still bring your pail, shovel, frisbee and a full picnic lunch to enjoy Mother’s Day at the beach.

7. Go Farming

Some farms might be ready with local rhubarb you can pick yourself but if not, visit the play barn, go on a tractor ride, look for a petting zoo, talk to a farmer about their crops and climb the hay bales.

8. Hit the Park and PLAY

When kids are little you have to be on high alert when they are on the jungle gym and flying down the slide, but if your kids are older JOIN them and play at the park.  Kick up your heels and swing on the swings, climb up the slide and challenge your kids to see who can go the farthest on the monkey bars. Don't just watch the kids play, join in!

9. Tennis Anyone?

You don’t have to own a tennis skirt or even know how to keep score, to have a ball with the kids on the tennis court. The exercise they will get chasing the ball their racquet missed – again – and the workout you will get reaching for their wild serves will get you all giggling and having fun.  Many city parks offer free courts, so grab some racquets and serve up some love. 

10. Indoor Fun

Maybe it’s a rainy Mother's Day this year; no problem! There are plenty of indoor activities the whole family can enjoy on Mothers Day. Try bouldering or rock climbing at a local rock climbing studio, or hit the rink for an old fashioned roller skate, go swimming, or try indoor volleyball or a trampoline park. 

The possibilities are endless for having fun and staying active, the idea is to start a new tradition and reserve some time on Mothers Day to get active with your family.  Spending time with your kids is always the best gift and I promise the kids will love it, especially if ice cream is involved.  

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