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10 Games to Get Your Kids Outside and Active in Winter

Close to Home and Family Friendly

The first rule of getting kids active in the winter is investing in great winter boots and snow pants for the whole family because YOU are going to play outside too! Winter offers a whole new playground and kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun.

5 Ways to Have Fun Outside With Snow

Snowball Olympics
Make ‘em and toss ‘em. Who can throw it the farthest? Assign points to a variety of distances and tally ‘em up. Toss them into a hula-hoop target, through the basketball net, or aim for the top branch of the nearest tree.

The Challenge That Will Bring Your Family Together

Toboggan Run
Build your own hill! Start with the first snowfall and push all the snow to one side of the driveway in one large pile. As you build it higher, push down the top for a flat starting surface. Add wood planks or build steps right into the snow bank, and then gradually snake it downhill across your front lawn. Imagine toboggan hill fun right in the front yard.

Summer Sports
Dress for the temperature outside and then pretend there is no snow! Use a scarf to tie yourself to a partner and have 3-legged races, get that soccer ball out and draw goal lines in the snow, tie a rope to the toboggan and pull a partner through an obstacle course in the backyard. Try snow golf, snow lawn darts, snow horseshoes, snow frisbee, snow badminton...

Build a Snow Castle
Hours of fun can be had making the coolest castle out of snow instead of sand or go all out and build a giant hideout! Pull out the beach toys, fill up the buckets and make it tall, short, make it square, make it round and then mix food coloring in some water filled spray bottles and decorate your castle or your fort to make it uniquely yours!

Get Sporty
So many winter sports your family can try. What about snowshoeing? Cross country skiing? Dog sledding? Snow tubing? Your new favorite family winter tradition is waiting for you!

No Snow? 5 Ways to Find Fun Outside Without Snow

Get Out the Wheels
Bundle up and break out the bikes, the scooters, skipping ropes and roller blades. The cold shouldn’t keep you indoors and without snow, all your favorite ride on toys have a clear path. There’s lots of fun to be had in the winter months with all those wheels you tucked away in the Fall.

20 Winter Activities Your Kids Can Do Without You

Nothing is more fun for kids then running through the woods or the neighbourhood park and finding hidden treasures. Geocaching is real life treasure hunting that can open up a world of adventure with a smart phone app. Available for free, or a full featured $10 App, gives you access to millions of 'caches' hidden all over the worlda nd in your own backyard. Simply hit "Find Nearby Geocache" on your smart phone and follow the coordinates to see if you can uncovered hidden treasures.

Skating Rink
Many Cities have free outdoor rinks and a safe frozen pond can’t be too far away. Lace up your own skates and you haven’t mastered skating yet, take lessons with the kids!

Park Play
The slides are open year round and I bet you wont have to wait for a turn on the swings. Visit your favorite park in the winter with a thermos of hot chocolate and a few friends and you will forget its winter.

Do A Good Deed
Don’t wait for Spring, do your good deed now. If snow has melted you can clean up the creek, pick up litter in the park, walk a neighbours dog or offer to rake any leftover leaves.

A few extra layers and a bit of extra effort can turn even the coldest winter days into fun family time outside that keeps everyone active and healthy until the warmer temperatures return!