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5 Ways to Get Sweaty with Your Spouse

Get Hot on a Date Night at the Gym

Nothing beats getting sweaty with your other half. . .  no, I’m not talking about THAT . . . the other sweaty - at the gym!

Why not switch up date night and trade the candle lit dinner for a little hot yoga or muscle building weight lifting for a date at the gym? You just might end up turning the sexy on after all.

Studies suggest there are many benefits for couples getting in a work out together besides the obvious improved health.  Bond with your partner while learning the latest yoga twist, inspire each other to lift a new weight, create a connection on side-by-side treadmills, make eyes at each other over juice bar smoothies in between sets, or increase that animal attraction while pumping up those biceps.

Your Friends Could Be Making You Fat

There is no doubt that a date night at the gym is healthier for your relationship than an extra bowl of popcorn on the couch but what if the gym isn’t your thing? 

There are plenty of other active dates that will have you feeling the love with your partner, if you are open to new experiences. Trying something new together will encourage a connection, create a bond and get those endorphins going faster than any romantic fireside table for two!

5 Ways to Get Sweaty With Your Spouse

Rock Climbing
It's not just for jocks.  Bouldering does take some serious arm strength but climbing with ropes is something anyone can master.  A quick 45 minute lesson will teach you how to ‘belay’ which means you and your partner can work the ropes to hoist one another to some pretty cool new heights. I promise you will be sweating just trying to figure out the tooshy tugging harness and remembering the figure eight knot.

Indoor Trampoline Park
Why should the kids have all the fun? When is the last time you were on a trampoline to really jump around? Trampoline jumping is a serious workout. Grab your date and test your bounce rate, your rebound, your jump shot and your agility climbing out of a sponge pit. Trampoline parks have it all to get your heart pumping.

Fun And Fitness That Will Have You Jumping To New Heights

Roller Skating
You remember it from the 80s. You were the roller star, or at least thought you were. Why not grab those leg warmers and revisit an old favorite to see if you’ve still got it. Nothing says romance like holding hands as you skate around in circles chasing the disco ball lights on the rink floor.

Ballroom Dance
Bring out your inner Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire and have some fun cheek to cheek.  Remember what it feels like to hold each other close and get lost in the rhythm of the music. Or just have a great time getting dressed up and trying not to step on each other toes. Either way, Ballroom Dancing will get you strutting your stuff and having a fun night out.

Try a Tri or a 5km
You can do it. Sign up together for a Couch to 5km learn to run program or with a Try a Triathlon group. Commit to a series of date nights that has you training for a goal and working towards a finish line. You will make new friends who will inspire you, your partner will be there to encourage you, and you just might rekindle a spark in your relationship as you take on a new challenge together.

Feel more in love, share a common goal, fire up some endorphins, increase your attraction, connection and emotional bond to each other by turning up the heat and getting active on your next date night. What would you like to try with your other half?