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Take the Stress out of Giving: Create a Gift Cupboard

Your secret weapon for last-minute gifting

gift cupboard

Can a person be anti-hoarding and pro-stockpiling?

Absolutely. Stockpiling is strategic. When it comes to successful stockpiling, there are three rules:

But These Are Ten Things You SHOULD Stockpile From The Dollar Store

1) Don’t stockpile more than you can easily store—out of sight.

2) Do it when the price is right.

3) Stockpile the items whose need may “take you by surprise.”

In the case of the third, I’m referring to cards and gifts. No organized mom should be without a card and gift cupboard at home. There is nothing worse than the embarrassing "OOPS" moment of a birthday that has crept up on you. We all live such hectic lives that it can be a challenge to plan for all of the birthdays we need to keep track of. 

By giving yourself the gift of a card and gift cupbord, you're affording yourself some generous insurance for those days when you may not have your act together. Those days are few and far between, right?

Here's how you can create your own no-stress card and gift cupboard:


Set aside a cupboard, shelf, drawer, box, bag, or closet space to make room for this important stockpile. Keep the items out of sight, and only use the space you have available. If that means one small basket on top of a shelf, then great. Live within your “space means” to prevent clutter.

No, You Really Can Get Rid Of Extra Clutter


Buy a few gift cards to have on hand. Chapters, Shoppers, gas cards, etc. This is never a wasted expense, because gift cards no longer have an expiry date. In fact, if you’re not making use of a gift card that you have been given, put it in your gift box.



Head straight into your local dollar store for some excellent cards to keep in your gift cupboard. Buy generic birthday, sympathy, anniversary, thank you, and “just because” cards. Children’s birthday cards are another mustthose parties keep coming fast and furious!

Another great card source is your kids’ art. Check out this post for inspiration.



Buying gift wrap at the last minute means buying it at a ridiculous mark-up. The Dollar Store is always my source for gift cupboard must-haves, like tissue paper and curling ribbon. I also keep the gently used bags that we receive as gifts.

Sarah Gunn has an amazing idea for using colourful duct tape as gift wrap, so throw some of that in your gift cupboard, too!

When it comes to strategic stockpiling, the rule of “plan for tomorrow and today takes care of itself" rings true. So embrace this strategic approach to emergency gift-giving, and you'll be sure that the real gift given will be your own peace of mind.

Fall means strategic stockpiling. Here are 10 things you need to stockpile from the Dollar Store. Plus, check out how to make some nifty cards using your kids’ art!