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Breast Milk: I Put That S#!* On Everything

10 Ways To Use Nature’s Most Multitasking Body Fluid

baby and toddler tandem nursing

The word “Mom” should be synonymous with the word “Multitasker.”

So, it’s no surprise that the liquid gold of motherhood, breast milk, is also the ultimate multitasker. Of all the things I am looking forward to about having my second child in just a few weeks, breastfeeding is near the top of the list.

Nutritional benefits aside, I remember some of the fantastic ways that I used breast milk, outside of straightforward feeding. And, when you’ve got a newborn, multitasking is elevated to a new level of importance in your life.

So, how can breast milk help you multitask, Mom?


The experienced moms in my life explained that a little squirt of breast milk can help gently, and naturally, clear any clogged ducts for baby. Worked well for us when my daughter was teeny!


My daughter never had any problematic diaper rash issues as a newborn. I would often (liberally) apply breast milk to her wee bottom during our “diaper-free” time each afternoon. A milky bum is a happy bum, I suppose.


I read a lot of great books when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Lots of these resources suggested using your own breast milk to keep nipples moisturized and crack-free—especially during those exhausting cluster-feeding spurts. Just finish each feeding by expressing a little extra milk and allowing it to air dry on your nipples.


Cradle cap is part of the ugly phase that happens to most babies (yes, yes, they’re all beautiful. Please don’t try and tell me a crusty head is part of that beauty). One of the ways I combatted this extremely common issue was applying expressed breast milk to baby’s scalp at the end of a feeding. Certainly didn’t hurt her, and the cradle cap phase didn’t last very long.


It was my family doctor who suggested nursing baby during her immunizations to help provide a natural painkiller. The comfort is great for baby (and not a bad way for mommy to feel better about that first needle, too).


Outside of my own personal experiences with breast milk and its multitasking properties, there are even more ways that you can use this amazing multitasking body fluid:


Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta offer milk bank programs for those who want to give other moms access to this natural resource.


This blogger describes using breast milk to soothe an insect bite by squirting a little milk on the bite and rubbing it in, thoroughly, to stop itching. A non-invasive option I’m happy to try this time around!


Friend-and-neighbour moms have suggested using breast milk to aid a baby’s stuffy nose. Just squirt a few drops into the congested nostril(s) for lubricating relief.


This one I couldn’t find a source for (other than discussions on chat forums), however, if one is embracing the “Breast milk: I Put That S#!* on Everything” philosophy, then why the hell not…


For teeny teethers, or even if baby is running a temperature, a breast milk “popsicle” is just the thing. You can use a traditional popsicle mold, like the one below from Ikea.

Or, for tinier mouths, you can freeze a soother into the breast milk using a small shot-glass to hold the liquid (remember shot glasses? Nah, me neither). I’m extremely excited to make use of this trick for Baby #2.

Your newfound status as CFO (Chief Fluid Officer) means that you need to multitask in any and every way possible. If that means putting your breast milk on anything and everything that requires intervention, then I say you lean in to that philosophy. It’s a messy job, motherhoodsomeone has to do it.

New mom? Then you better stop wasting time by doing these things.

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