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4 NEW Uses For Your Peri Bottle

From cleaning to baby care – how to upcycle this vital accessory

picture of a peri bottle with text: 4 new uses for your peri bottle

“What is THAT?”

I was staring at the small, squishy, plastic bottle the nurse had handed me. I’d just conquered birthing my daughter, and was preparing to go home from the hospital.

“This will be your best friend for the next few weeks” the nurse explained, softly.

“Every time you use the washroom, you’ll want to fill this with warm water and squeeze it over your perineum.”

*up went my ‘brows*

It was my best friend (in the loo) for the next few weeks. I’m not looking to cross into “TMI” territory here. I’ll leave that to fellow Yummy, Jen Warman. Let’s just say it was a well-used accessory.


---> Fast forward 21 months --->

One night, in a frantic search for something to rinse my daughter’s soapy bathtime locks with I came across….that long-forgotten [but well-washed] Peri Bottle. Not only did it work – it worked better than anything I have used for hair rinsing.

So – how can you upcycle your Peri Bottle long after your bum-zone doesn’t need it?

Here are 4 NEW Uses For Your Peri Bottle

1)   Hair Washing Aid

My 21-month-old detests getting soapy water on her face and in her eyes. I can’t blame the kid. For post-shampoo rinsing I’ve tried cups, jugs, dunks, cloths, and hands. None of these seemed to impress.

Once I brought the “squeezy” (as she has pleasantly named it) into our bathtime routine, rinsing became a total breeze. I dare say it’s even fun now.…Especially when she sprays water on Mama during the rinse routine…


2)   Vinegar Home Cleaning Solution

I have some seriously positive accolades for vinegar as a miracle, all-natural, home cleaning product.  Cheap, green, non-toxic, and versatile. This little bottle of grocery-store goodness is something that everyone should have in their cleaning caddy. It was good enough for your Grandmother, and her mother, so its good enough for you.

Put your green-cleaning solution of pure white vinegar into your re-purposed Peri Bottle, and spray on your stainless steel appliances., wiping with a cloth as you go. Follow this with a microfiber cloth and a dab of baby oil to polish!


3)   A Clean, Green, Baby Wipes Solution

I like to use comfy cloth diapers on the little one when we are at home. A brilliant mum was showing me her organization systems for cloth diapers – and I spotted a re-purposed Per-Bottle on her change table. “For homemade wipes solution” she told me. Brilliant!

If you’re interested in making your own wipes solution to use with cloth wipes, simply mix:

·      1 cup of warm water

·      2 drops of Tea-Tree oil (anti bacterial purposes)

·      ½ tablespoon coconut oil

·      1 small squirt of gentle baby wash

You can then squirt the solution onto clean re-usable cloths and wipe (then rinse and launder with your cloth diapers) as needed.


4)   Homemade Baby Massage Oil

I didn’t learn about the benefits of baby massage with my first little one. At 24 weeks pregnant I’ve already pegged this as the new “mamma skill” I want to master this time around. When I’m lucky enough to have a massage I know I feel more relaxed, connected, and I sleep better. Why wouldn’t I want my baby to sleep better (read: MORE)?

To make your own baby massage oil, simply mix:

·      3 ounces of olive oil

·      3 drops of lavender essential oil

Shake gently before each use – it’s that simple!


I’m sure I can’t be the only mamma out there to re-purpose this incredible accessory. Leave a comment, below, to tell me if you’ve upcycled your Peri Bottle, and how!


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