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Why Erica Ehm Is More Than Just A Yummy Mummy

she Wins the “Leading Women, Building Communities" Award

Erica Ehm gets leadership award from MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins

On Friday, April 4th, Erica Ehm, creator and publisher of Yummy Mummy Club won Ontario’s Leading Women, Building Communities award. This awesome award acknowledges women who "demonstrate exceptional leadership in working to improve the lives of others in their communities.” 

I was honoured to be part of the group that nominated Erica for the award. Along with Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell, Maija Moments, and Kat Armstrong, four letters of endorsement and support were written about the amazing leader and mentor that Erica is.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Erica’s local MPP Dr. Eric Hoskins, and included a heartfelt message from Ontario’s Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, although there was a notable absence of cake. Erica's amazing Mom, Evelyn, was also on hand to give congratulations to her girl. It was a great mother-daughter moment (and made me feel glad that my own mom cares enough to re-tweet my tweets, too.)

To her colleagues, friends, and readers — Erica embodies success. She often says, “A rising tide lifts all boats” and truly lives that to its meaning. She is super generous with her time, and dedicates so many of her professional and personal hours to educating women in business and media, with nothing in return.

Well, usually nothing in return. This time she gets a teensy bit of praise and a serious looking award with a gold seal. Still no cake, though...


Here's what a few of Erica's nominees had to say about her:

“Ms. Ehm has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial skills, growing her business steadily and providing flexible employment to women across Ontario.  All of the YMC staff work virtually in their own homes, and many are balancing their work and their family commitments through this innovative work structure.  Erica recognizes and values the need for women to have flexibility in their work lives and is a sympathetic and compassionate employer, while driving YMC forward — providing rich and topical content while working with large, national brands…”  - Danielle Botterell & Amy Ballon of Spark Consulting

“Erica Ehm is a shining example of a female entrepreneur. She took her idea, grew it steadily and held her vision up in order to achieve what she saw was missing in the parenting community for new (and not-so-new) moms. She truly has done what she loves and made it her life’s work all while connecting with people and making a real difference. With this example, I took the opportunity to open a small business here in Toronto with another mum and we are about to open a small, Canadian product featured store in a community severely underserved for baby products, while the streets are teeming with babies (Parkdale). I would never have even considered that I could possibly do such a thing if I hadn’t had the opportunity, over the last two years, to see a truly passionate, successful and woman-positive entrepreneur like her. She may not know it, but she truly is my mentor in so many ways.” This Little Piggy owner, Kat Armstrong 

"Though she is one of the most powerful mompreneurs in Canada and a true example to so many women and moms, Erica always makes time to advise and mentor. Whether it’s one of the YMC bloggers looking to find their voice, a fellow entrepreneur looking to grow their business or a new mom needing to know she is not alone in her postpartum depression, Erica takes the time to listen, share her own knowledge and inspire. I am in awe not only at what Erica has created but at what she inspires the women around her to do, create and build.” Food blogging mavenMaija Moments


When politicians and corporate leaders talk about searching for models of mentorship that help women succeed, they need look no further than their own backyard. This award acknowledges that decision makers are paying attention, as they should, to the Empire That Erica Built.

From all us, Erica, thank you and congratulations for on your well-deserved recognition! 


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