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Hot Valentine Gifts for Your Type-A Mate

Organized is So Damn Sexy

Organizer, rings, and mansion as Valentine gifts

There’s nothing sexier than a mate who can make a mean to-do list.

I like ‘em smart and stubborn. I want a man who actually asks for a homogeneous set of socks as a present.  

The Type-A partner can be a challenge when selecting gifts that will wow. They are often particular in their preferences, are minimalists, and probably have an ongoing smartphone list of the things they plan to buy YOU. Those naughty overachievers need to be punished.

Or, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

This Valentine's Day, spread the love to your beloved micromanager with these no-fail presents that say, “I love you and all your efficient eccentricities.”



one: Portable Charging Station, AViiQ, Via Amazon, $100.20 CAD. Without the tangled mess of cables, charge four devices at once. All of this tech-management is neatly contained in a stylish carrying case.

two: Vintage Desk Organizer, Etsy, Funk And More Vintage, $20.21 CAD. Something both fun and functional for a workspace is always a winning present for an organized person.

three: CanoScan LiDE110, Canon, $69.99. From receipts and business cards to photos, a desk scanner can be a gesture that says, “I love the way you electronically organize our bills as they come in.”

four: Roomba, iRobot, $349.99. Though on the pricey side of Valentine’s Day, the Roomba is the Homo sapien of the vacuum world. For the Type-A who likes things spotless, this is a no-brainer present.

five: Professional Organizer, Professional Organizers of Canada, cost varies depending on service. A Professional Organizer can help you get everythingfrom your home office to your businessin order. Their directory of members can be a great starting point if your mate is seeking a little support to make their world simpler.

six: A DIY Sunglasses Organizer, idea from Cupcakes and Cashmere, materials about $15. The clean lines of this sunglasses organizer almost make it a work of art in its own right. A great, fun project that looks very straightforward.

seven: Sticky Note Packet Honest Acronyms, Chapters Indigo, $14. An adorable set of sticky notes will brighten the day of any Type-A. Fun for home or at work!



one: Talk policy, in bed. Nothing is more stimulating than a heated discussion about social or fiscal policy. What are your thoughts on social assistance? Is Canada putting smart investments into healthcare? If a disagreement breaks out, all the betteryou get to make up after.

two: Make a five-year plan together, in bed. The A-Type mate is a planner by nature. Fantasizing about the future, together, is a truly intimate bonding experience. Talking about personal goals and aspirations is also a great check-in to see where your plans align and diverge. Better yet, write a letter to each other that includes the ways you see yourselves growing together.

three: Browse real-estate porn via realtor.ca, in bed. Have a glass of wine, relax, and set the browsing budget limit to “unlimited.” Now pretend you’re the Rockefellers and find yourself the gaudiest, most extravagant house you can. A-Types are goal-oriented, and seeing the unattainable can really fire up the passions of frustration. Enjoy!


*for nerds, only. All others should try something boring and traditional, like dinner.

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