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Down With the “Honey-Do” List

Domestic Equality and the "Four-Square To-Do List"

Rosie the Riveter says "down with the honey-do list!"

I hate the “honey-do” list. I have a strong negative emotional reaction to the idea of telling my husband what MAN JOBS need to be done around the house. 

Taking out the garbage, changing the light bulbs, hanging the floating shelves. I can and will do ‘em all.

How This To-Do List Can Help You Get A Handle On All You Have To Do

As much as possible, we strive for domestic equality in our house.

I’m a modern woman who can use the drill and level as well as any man of my generation — and even better than my husband (Yeah. I’m a boss like that. Proof below).

Am I a feminist? A pragmatist? Maybe they’re the same thing in many ways.

Today’s moms are taking a different approach to domestic duties than their mothers or grandmothers did.

How does this relate to the “honey-do” list? It’s simple: The honey-do list needs to come into the 21st Century. It needs a feminist revolution. Here you go, and you’re welcome.

The list is simple. Each weekend, we divide a paper into four sections:


HIS: Out



Any jobs that are to be done at home, go in the “in” column, while errands go in the “out” column.

A populated list might look like this:

Throughout the weekend, each of us work through the list at our own pace, with a very healthy dose of competition.

Why do we like the newly named “Four-Square To-Do List?”

It’s a great visual organizer.

It’s collaborative and competitive.

It’s fun.

And it’s equal.

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I won’t pretend to be tackling pay equity, or promoting greater representation of women in government with this post.  But,  I am certainly creating greater harmony in our home with this list.

How is domestic labour divided in your house?