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Fitting Fitness Into Your Lunch Hour

Energize & Save Time with a Midday Sweat Session

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Hey you – with the cup of coffee, BlackBerry and protein bar in your hands.  Step away from the laptop and get some lunch!  After you read this blog, I mean.

This week, the great people at Gourmet Steamers If you’ve got 30 minutes for lunch:


\"\" Next, stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs to do Stair Push-ups.  Place hands on 3rd or 4th stair (the lower, the harder) about shoulder-width apart.  Inhale as you bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the stairs, then exhale as you press up.  Continue push-ups for 1 minute, then rest 1 minute and repeat for a second set.


\"\"Healthy Choice Complete your meal with a big glass of water or two.

Begin outside with a 15-minute power walk to get your heart rate up and send some exhilarating oxygen to your body and brain after a long morning.  Pump your arms and clear your mind.

\"\" Complete 1 minute of Stair Push-ups (described above).

\"\" Repeat stairs, push-ups and squats.


\"\"Healthy Choice are a great way to have a tasty lunch that's quick. Remember to take the time to enjoy your meal - away from your desk! 

\"\" Enjoy some quiet time to visit with colleagues, catch up on the latest Yummy Mummy Club blogs or dig into a good book.

Eating lunch isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. You deserve a break, and if your lunch is delicious and easy, you’re more likely to take it.

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