Why You Should Shop Online for Fila Gear

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Why You Should Shop Online for Fila Gear

As a Canadian, I am often hesitant to make online purchases—to buy that fantastic pair of running shoes or a hot yoga top that actually makes me WANT to work out. Once I realize that I'm going to pay 20-50% more—plus duties—to receive my purchase north of the 49th parallel, it hardly seems worth it. And don't even get me started on the time it takes for the purchases to arrive.

So shopping in person seems like the better option.

Until now.

Fila is making it possible for me to buy all the fabulous products I want in the comfort of my own home, without having to brave the malls or wait house to cross the border to nab deals. You can order Fila products for yourself, your significant other, your sporty girlfriend, and even your little ones on the new Fila Canadian online store, launched just last month. There's no price premium—all prices are in Canadian dollars, with no duties or extra fees—and no worry that your order might get held up at the border. Until now, Fila's performance lines—originally developed in Italy—have only been available in retail stores. Just in time for the holidays, you can shop Fila's innovative collections in your jammies from the comfort of home. Do you have your jammies on? Perfect. Just head to and shop away.

Workout wear is a big market these days, and I'd bet no one buys more workout wear than women between the ages of 20-50. Long gone are the days of leotards and tights... or (*gasp*) baggy sweat pants and your husband's university t-shirt. Now, we want workout attire that transitions from the gym to the grocery store, the school pick up, or even coffee with a girlfriend. We can run errands, keep house, and chill out with our munchkins like Clark Kent, ready to tear off that dull exterior and unleash our inner superhero at any time. 

One of the greatest parts of the new Canadian Fila online store is the Fila Form collection for women—perfect for the "workout of everyday." Imagine this: wake up, walk to school drop off, put baby in stroller and go for a jog, do three loads of laundry (squeeze in a few sets of push ups while the spin cycle finishes off, obviously...), vaccuum stairs, shovel front walk, walk to school pick up, play at park, prepare dinner, lean over tub to administer baths, rock, cuddle, tuck in and collapse on sofa with glass of wine.

Sound familiar?

Now, wouldn't you rather do it all in comfortable, flattering, stretchy, and breathable clothes?

The truth is, I'll bet comfortable, flattering clothes would encourage you to get so much done in a day! Squeezing exercise into every day is one of the easiest ways to keep your weight in check, and to ensure you stay limber, active and energetic. If you've got to stop to change out of your jeans, you're killing time. If your workout clothes are frumpy, you're more likely to feel self-conscious about a quick jaunt around the block while baby naps or joining in a stroller fitness class. I recommend changing into your workout clothes first thing in the morning if you are a stay-at-home mommy, so you can squeeze in those bursts of exercise (or pop in an exercise DVD or head out for a jog) at the first occasion. Chances are you don't have an hour every day to hit the gym, but there are plenty of 5 or 10 minute workouts you could be squeezing into each day, and week. 

When you look good, you feel good.

Fila clothing seamlessly knits together lifestyle wear and workout wear into one collection of tops, bottoms, and even shoes that fit the modern mommy on the go. The Fila Function line can handle your toughest workouts with a look that makes you feel strong and confident, even as sweat drips down your face and you turn ten shades of red. There’s even a stylish Fila men’s line. The Fila Fusion line is active wear for your hiking, snowblowing, playing at the park kind of Daddy that feels comfortable for him and doesn't make you want to hide behind a tree when the cool neighbours walk by...if you know what I mean...

But wait, there's more!

Until December 21st, you can:

  Receive an amazing 25% off your entire online purchase using the promo code "25LAUNCH"

  Enjoy FREE shipping anywhere in Canada on purchases over $100

And prices are in real Canadian dollars. Not Canadian dollars + $30 to get it through customs. Canadian dollars, shipped to your house and that's that.

So start shopping now!

And there's a contest going on at the Fila Canada Facebook page! You could win a $5,000 vacation package including an amazing vacation, Fila gear and more! Be sure to enter the Travel Fit Fila Contest by December 21st!

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