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5 Minute Workout from the Comfort of Your Couch

Kick Butt During Commercials

I will present to you 3 workouts, all under 5 minutes, that can be done in 3 rooms of your house, with common objects. Push yourself for 3-5 minutes and move on with your day. Squeeze 1-3 of these into your "non-workout" days and you can stop negotiating with your higher power when you actually make it to your morning spin class. Here's workout #2, with a quick recap of #1, and a peek at #3, yet to come.


Workout No. 1

The Kitchen Challenge Workout

Workout No. 2

The Living Room Challenge

Waiting for a client email? Waiting for your favourite show to start? Waiting for the littles to go pee so you can un-pause the family movie? Work out!

Couch squat + front kick: Stand in front of couch, facing away. Squat & tap bum on couch, then stand & kick right leg high in air; squat again to tap bum on couch, then stand & kick left leg high. Continue alternating for 20 squats. Too easy? Squat, then perform 3 kicks (left right left, for example) between each squat. Too hard? Omit kicks.

Couch fast feet: Stand facing couch. In a hopping motion, lift one leg to tap foot on couch; hop and tap other foot on couch. Stay light on your feet and swing arms as needed. Continue alternating for 20 taps. Rest, then repeat 1-2 times more. Too easy? Try 40 taps. Too hard? Try 10 taps per set.

Couch dip + front kick: Sit on the edge of the couch, hands tucked next to your hips, fingers down. Lift your butt off and squeeze your shoulder blades back to lift your chest and chin up. Bend your elbows to lower yourself until your elbows are at 90 degrees, then press back and up to straighten arms; as you rise, kick left leg high in air. Repeat dip, kicking right leg high this time. Continue alternating for 10-20 reps. Too hard? Bring your feet closer to your bum. Too easy? Extend legs to partially straight or straight.

Couch side plank pulse: Set elbow on couch and step legs out to form a side plank position, facing sideways in a straight line from shoulder to feet. Lift chest and chin, engaging abs and squeezing shoulder blades together. Extend free arm in the air & pulse backward 20 times. Switch sides. Too easy? Pulse 30 times. Too hard? Bend top leg and plant foot on floor in front to help you lift hips into plank.

Amazing! A full body workout in under 5 minutes. If you're feeling ambitious, do it all over again for a challenging 10 minute workout. 

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Stay tuned later this week for the Bedroom Workout (the OTHER kind of bedroom workout). 

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