Daywear to Partywear In a Flash

A full day and night of make up

Daywear to Partywear In a Flash

My newest article for City Style and Living Magazine was published this week.

I thought I might share some of my “quick-change” make up tips that appear in the article. Read the whole article to see all my favourite products for this easy and fast make up trick.

1. Wear a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. It stays fresh looking all day.
2. Keep eye shadows to a basic two-tone finish – one matte and one shimmer.
3. Lip gloss is better than lipstick – easy to reapply and no need for lipliner.

1. Layer a mineral powder over your daywear for an easy increase in foundation coverage. It is light reflective so it never looks heavy.
2. Add a coloured White Sapphire Complex eye shadow to your daywear look. It creates instant drama that sparkles in low light and looks natutal in bright light.
3. Fill the lip with a cream based lipliner and apply your day gloss over the top. Fast and easy way to create a high shine look without the fuss of lip brushes or lipstick.

If you want to learn these tricks personally remember every week I make personal appearances across Canada and the US. I may very well be in a city near you.

This week I will be in Atlantic Canada – all you have to do is make an appointment and you can have your make up done by Yours Truly.

Saturday November 27 St. John, NB
Soft Touch Aesthetics/Salon98
98 Princess Street
(506) 636 9898

Sunday November 28 Halifax, NS
Chrysalis Spa & Skincare Centre
5521 Young Street
(902) 446 3929

Monday November 29 Charlottetown, PEI
Mientje Salon and Aesthetics
140 Saint Peters Road
(902) 566 4780

Next week – I return to The Dirty Dozen!


The Dirty Dozen - Part 3 Urea

The Truth About Formaldehyde

The Dirty Dozen - Part 3 Urea

Continuing analysis of the “The Dirty Dozen – Cosmetics Chemicals to Avoid.” Today I am looking at the claim that urea causes cancer.

Urea is a preservative. It releases formaldehyde killing microbes, fungus, and bacteria.

According to the report:

1. “Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.”
2. “Cancer research has focused on inhalation of formaldehyde.”
3. “Formaldehyde may off-gas from cosmetics.”

According to the US National Cancer Institute:

1. A 1995 study showed that number to be only 0.99% of consumers suffer from contact dermatitis as a result of applying urea.

2. A 1980 CIR study showed 0.5% concentrations of urea had no irritating effects. The study was repeated in 2002 with the same results.

3. A 1980 study (repeated in 1999 and 2001) showed when 5mg/L of urea were inhaled there were adverse effects on lab rats. The most significant was that of body weight loss.

4. In repeated studies conducted from 1980 – 2002 topically applied urea in 200mg/kg, 1300mg/kg, 5% concentrations and 10% concentrations showed skin irritation and inflammation at the application site.

Skin irritation is a concern but by no means a cancer. By medical definition contact dermatitis is a “localized rash caused by contact with a foreign substance” – or in plain English – an allergy (not cancer).

In cosmetics urea:

1. Is allowed up to a 0.6% concentration.

2. Has never been shown to off-gas (risking inhalation).

3. Is tolerated by over 99% of consumers.

4. (In a 50g jar of cream) represents 0.06% of the minimum dose where irritation was observed.

A consumer would have to apply, wait for it, 83, 300 jars of product before reaching a dose were irritation occurs.

Using 4 jars of moisturizer per year (the national average) from the age of 12 until 81 (national life expectancy) the lifetime use is only 276 jars!


Welcome to PEI

Beauty on the Isalnd

Welcome to PEI

Ok this is a plug - I don't do them that often - but I am so excited about announcing a brand new Daniel Thompson Beauty retail partner 

I will be making a special personal appearance on November 29th and appointment are being accepted now! 

So if you are in the Charlottetown area and would like to have a personal appointment with Yours Truly please contact the spa listed below. 

I will be in Charlottetown for one day only! 

By the way - why am I so excited about going to PEI?  Well did I ever mention that I have always had a mad love affair with the ever fantastic Anne Shirley?  Yes that us right I finally get to see Green Gables in real life!


PEI is one of only three provinces to which I have never been.  Now only Newfoundland & Labrador and Saskatchewan to go. 

Mientje Salon and Aesthetics
140 Saint Peters Road
Charlottetown, PEI
(902) 566 4780