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Waste of Money

Beauty Products That are a Waste of Your Time and Money

I am often asked which cosmetic products are the best to buy. It is a bit of a tough question because there both great products and junk products in every brand.

My standard answer has always been: if you find a product that works well for you – regardless of price point or brand – then that is the best product for you to buy. It is different for every person.

There are however, some products that are completely useless all the time and a great way to waste hard earned money:

1. Eye Cream – this is the greatest marketing coup ever achieved by the cosmetics industry. There is absolutely no research showing the eye area requires a different type of moisturizer than the rest of the face. In fact most eye creams are the exact same formula as the face cream to which they accompany.

2. Toners – mostly water – sometimes alcohol. These products do not in any way enhance the benefit of good skincare. If you apply moisturizer to damp skin (just out of the shower) the trans-dermal migration is identical to that when using a toner. As for the claims toners regulate the pH of the skin, I say just buy a good cleanser that will not disrupt the pH in the first place.

3. Eye Make Up Remover – a well formulated cleanser will do the exact same job and mL for mL will offer better value for the money. Eye makeup removers are basically light weight cleansing waters which come in small bottles and cost way too much for what you actually get.

There are many more useless products and many more are launched each day, but these three are heavily promoted, so don’t fall victim to wasting your cash on them.