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The YMC Top 5

What Would You Like to See?

One of the drawbacks about writing a blog is the brevity used in order to deliver interesting information quickly. When I first starting writing for YMC, Erica advised me to try to use less language. Basically, if I didn’t need to use a word I shouldn’t. After spending years of doing long form writing I found this new short form very challenging. How could I possibly impart all the critical information in 400 words or less. Well I am very happy to say I did get good at it – as you can observe from my posts. Lots of relevant information without superfluous language.

Of course this meant that some topics were harder to write about than others. Sometimes more detail is just what is needed to make sure the comprehension is complete.

That is why I was so excited when Erica introduced a new segment of the YMC site: YMC Top 5.

YMC Top 5 is a great series of articles with a broad range of subjects all focused on the “Top 5” of any specific topic.

If you like to read my blog but have been wishing for more detailed information, may I direct you to this new segment of the YMC site.

Already I have posted two articles of interest: Top 5 Must Have Make Up Items and Top 5 Things a Facial Can Never Do.

While the Top 5 posts are not as regular as my blog (they require submission and acceptance from the Editor-in-Chief) I will be pitching ideas regularly so you should check out the Top 5 segment as often as you check my blog.

Also if you have an idea for a Top 5 list, let me know and I will certainly do my research and see if it is appropriate to pitch to the Editor.