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The Dirty Dozen - PEG BUSTED!

The Truth About Polyethylene Glycol

This is my last review of the ingredients listed in the report “The Dirty Dozen – Cosmetics Chemicals to Avoid”. Today I am looking at Polyethylene Glycol pr PEG.

PEG is found in almost all over the counter cosmetics and is used primarily to help the active ingredients penetrate into the skin. Without PEG products would sit on the surface of the skin and consumers would have to use significantly more actual finished product to attain the benefits provided.

According to the report:

1. PEG is genotoxic.

2. PEG is unsafe for use on damaged or broken skin.

3. PEG allows other harmful ingredients into the skin.

The truth about PEG:

1. Contrary to the claims of toxicity there is actually no known research showing PEG to have any toxic effect on human skin – the research cited to make the claims of genotoxicity is based on oral administration to rats at elevated levels.

2. Published data shows PEG to have great moisturizing benefit to the skin, nonreactive properties in human skin and nonirritating benefits.

3. It is considered so safe for humans that it is routinely used in internal medical procedures to flush and clean the intestinal tract.

4. Health Canada ruled PEG does not meet the definition of toxic.

PEG is not anti freeze (which some opponents claim), ethylene glycol is antifreeze and is a completely different compound altogether.

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