Dan Thompson: Beauty Busted


Summer Proof Make Up

Creating a Flawless Look That Will Stand up to the Heat

Many of you know I am a contributing writer to City Style and Living Magazine. The latest issue was just published last week and my new article showcases how to “summer proof” your make up.

Here is a quick recap of the longer article.

Enhance the Foundation

a) mix your regular liquid foundation with a mineral based liquid sunscreen (be careful here because this only works with pure mineral sunscreens and not chemical based ones) - equal portions work best, but for a more radiant finish mix 1 part foundation with two parts sunscreen

b) apply mixture evenly across the skin - and yes it will look a little white but only for a moment - massage into the skin until there is no trace of the white finish (created from the sunscreen) - allow to set for about 10 minutes - longer if you can

c) lightly dust with a transparent powder using a big open brush - this will create a flawless finish that does not look heavy

Change the Eye Shadow Formula
Talc free eye shadows wear better in humidity and are not as easily broken down by the skin. This can be either a cream formula or a mineral formula. Also the colour payoff is better.

Lipstick Trick

a) fill the entire lip with your favourite lip liner shaping the edge of the mouth as you go

b) dab a very small amount of clear lip gloss in the centre of the bottom lip and rub the lips together to distribute the shine.