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Skin Care 201

Advanced At Home Treatments

A while ago I wrote an article called Skin Care 101. In it I talked about the benefits of basic at-home skin treatment that will keep the skin looking healthy.

It got me to thinking about what happens when basic care does not deliver all the results one may be wanting.

So many of us visit cosmetic counters, everyday, searching for more advanced formulas that can help us achieve optimal health for skin.  And so often we end up with a product that does not deliver!

So here are my top 3 Advanced At-Home Skincare Products (as well as a list of my favourites in each category):

Exfoliators: These can be scrubs, or acids, or peels, or even something called gommage. It really does not matter which type you use.  If your skin gets dull, thick, flaky or overly course in texture exfoliation is for you.  Does everyone need to exfoliate?  No.  Only do this if your skin meets the criteria.  Helpful hints—scrubs should be used a maximum of 3 times a week and offer the best results when used in the shower in the morning.  Acids should be used on a cycle of about 21 days then not used for 90 days, they work best when pH balanced to 3 and should be worn overnight and rinsed off in the morning.  Peels should be done seasonally and only under the supervision of a skin care professional. Gommage products can be used everyday as they have no grains and are designed for the most sensitive skins.

 Masks: Masks can do all sorts of wonders for the skin, from intense hydration to acne control, these intensives really can deliver profound results.  Choose based on specific concerns and also on season—more hydration in the winter more mattifying benefits in the summer. Also you can own more than one mask and use different ones regularly.

  Technology: There are many home versions of skincare technology available today and these machines can offer quick, medical like results.  From light treatment to teeth whitening to laser hair removal it can all be done at home with the same results found in a clinic, at a fraction of the costs.

My favourites (caveat: intensives are more expensive than basic skincare and as such expect to pay a slight premium for them; however because they are used infrequently they do not need to be replaced for long periods of time):

Exfoliator:  Yves Saint Laurent Gommage ($75 for 75 mL) made from a combination of sugars and honey proteins this is a little known, professional quality exfoliator that can be used daily or weekly.  It is so effective results are visible on the very first use.


Mask: Sisley Masque Créme à la Rose Noire ($175 for 60mL) rose oil is one of the most powerful hydrating and anti-inflammatory agents available in cosmetics.  it is also one of the most expensive oils available.  One litre of oil requires 10, 000 lbs of roses to be pressed.  This makes using the ingredient costly.  However, because so little is needed for results this mask actually is very economic.  With weekly application the tube will last almost 10 months which works out to less than $18 a month to use.


Technology:  TANDA Zap! ($50).  My very favourite technology product.  No cords, no plug ins, 5000 treatments and results are immediate.  This device clears moderate acne breakout within 24 ours.  I use it personally and never travel without it.  When a breakout happens I simply do a three-minute treatment before bed and by morning the acne is gone.



Next time:  Intensive that are a waste of money!