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Review Of The TANDA Zap

An Affordable Treatment For Acne

A few years ago I was introduced to the TANDA Clear system, which is the first and only Health Canada approved home care light system to treat acne breakouts. TANDA utilizes the same type of light dermatologists have used for years to treat acne breakout. Being an acne sufferer myself I am always looking for ways to really keep my skin blemish free.

One of the biggest obstacles, when considering the TANDA system, is the price. At over $200 it is a little cost prohibitive. Last week TANDA introduced the new TANDA Zap – using the same light system in a smaller device the price has become quite affordable and, for occasional breakout, this device is a great option.

- $49 for 1000 treatments

1. Each treatment only takes 2 minutes – very fast.

2. Can be used several times a day without any risk of side effects.

3. No cords, chargers or plug ins.

4. Small, lightweight device – can travel and requires no power source so excellent for overseas trips.

5. Delivers 414 nm of blue light to kill bacteria causing acne (the same as the full size device).

6. Each treatment costs about 5 cents to deliver.

1. Does not work on severe cystic acne.

2. Can leave marks on the skin from the heat for a short while.

3. Small head size is meant for spot treatment – not designed for large areas.

4. Head piece is not replaceable – you will have to replace the whole unit when the 1000 treatments expire.

Overall – for mild to moderate breakout control this is a very good option. It is easy to operate and it clears acne quickly. Quite affordable (compared to spot creams) and safe to use without risk of irritation or dryness.