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Prevage by Elizabeth Arden Intensive Anti Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30: BUSTED!

Not The Last Skincare Item You Will Ever Need

I am always surprised at how brands that tout themselves as the last moisturizer you will ever need keep bringing new ones to market.

Prevage by Elizabeth Arden is following this path. A few years ago they introduced the original Prevage and it was touted as the last skincare item ever needed...now they have 8 products.

Prevage relies heavily on the position that it uses the “best” antioxidant formula, yet there is no research showing any 1 antioxidant is superior to another. If this is put aside, what remains is a very standard cosmetic formula that can be easily compared to any other moisturizer.

Prevage by Elizabeth Arden Intensive Anti Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30 ($160 for 50mL)


1. Excellent water binding agents that will plump and hydrate very dry skin

2. Excellent lipid replacement ingredients that will cushion surface dehydration

3. Excellent blend of antioxidants, coenzymes and cell communicating ingredients to help the skin quickly metabolize the active ingredients


1. Inclusion of fragrances which contribute to skin irritation

2. Inclusion of colour additives which are responsible for 90% of all known cosmetic reactions

3. Excessive filler and thickening agents that are only present to create volume in the jar

Overall – Highly over priced for what is on offer.

Yes, this Prevage product is an excellent moisturizer with the correct mix of active ingredients but none of them are unique. Most of them are found in every quality moisturizer on the market. Most skin types will be able to use this Prevage product but it is by no means a superior product.

Less expensive option

Nivea DNA Cell Renewal Cream ($25 for 50 mL)

85% less expensive with the same lipid replacement ingredients, water binding agents, rich antioxidants, same coenzyme and even the same fillers and thickeners.