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Ombrelle Sunscreen: BUSTED!

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@LauraMunroe tweeted: “Ombrelle has formulations for face & body. . .but is it a waste of money to buy one specifically for your face?”

Ombrelle is one of the L’Oreal groups best selling sunscreen lines and it has a wide range of products on offer. It is known for using Mexoryl SX as the primary sunscreen. Mexoryl SX is a brand name for a sunscreen used in almost every commercially produced sunscreen lotion on the market. Its technical name is terephthalylidene dicamphor sulfonic acid.

Ombrelle Face Cream SPF 60 $24 for 75 mL and Ombrelle SPF 60 Milk $25 for 120 mL

These two formulas are sold as separate face and body treatments yet there is very little difference between the two.

1. Suncreens are identical – while the concentration of each active sunscreen (there are 6) are different in each product the overall SPF is identical which is really the more important concern.

2. Both contain intense moisturizers – the interchangeable hydrators comprise the majority of each formula. Both offer great moisture benefits.

3. Fragrance free and dye free – both are gentle enough to use on most skin types.

4. Of the combined 33 ingredients 21 are identical and the remaining ones are simple emulsifiers and binding agents.

Overall – buying the face formula will offer no better results from an SPF rating and provides no different skincare qualities than the body formula. The only real difference is the price. mL for mL the face formula is 60% more expensive.

On a side note – I am not a fan of 5 of the 6 sunscreen ingredients used in the Ombrelle formulas. Better choice – Pure and Simple SPF 30 Lotion $14.95 for 100 mL (or 25% less expensive) – all the protection with none of the chemical sunscreens.