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Must Have and Don't Even Use Skincare Products

The Essential List

Recently I got into a lengthy conversation with an aesthetician about proper skincare. She and I had some very differing viewpoints on what constitutes essential treatment for skin.

Here is my list of Must Have skincare and Don’t Even Use skincare:

Must Have – as in this is the essential list for all skin:

1. Cleanser – a well formulated, soap free, pH balanced cleanser is the most important part of any skincare program. A cleanser should be pH balanced to 6.5 to be effective and yes they can be used around the eyes if formulated properly.

2. Moisturizer – a non-petroleum based formula is best for all skin. A moisturizer should provide hydration and nourishment but not clog the pores. Skip any that have fragrance or dyes because these will be the first to cause irritation. Also drying alcohols do not belong in a moisturizer.

3. Sunscreen – a separate sunscreen is a must. Reapply frequently to maintain the protection level.

Don’t Even Use – as in these are a waste of money:

1. Toner – mostly water or worse drying alcohol. Either way they offer no substantial benefit to over all skin health. Splashing your face with warm water will give you about the same results.

2. Eye Cream – there is no evidence that shows the eye area needs different creams than the rest of the face. Most eye creams are the exact same formula as the matching face creams, they're just in smaller jars at three times the price.

3. Night Cream – a well formulated moisturizer can be used both day and night. Separate night creams usually are very similar formulas as the matching day creams just with more thickening agents. Truth is a day cream works just as well at night.