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Miracle 10 Skincare: BUSTED

Nothing Revolutionary Here

Miracle 10 is a Toronto based skincare line created by Dr. Frank Lista. Promoted as a “conservatively aggressive” skincare line that can stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan production in the skin. Miracle 10 is really just another doctor “created” skincare line that is becoming very popular with consumers. It is important to note that, regardless of the ad copy, these products are topical cosmetics and as such, will provide results similar to any well-formulated product. There is not one single ingredient used in Miracle 10 that cannot be found in countless product ranges.

Miracle 10 Firm - $85 for 50 mL

This cream claims to “lift”, “firm” and “reduce wrinkle depth”. To be clear, no product can lift or firm the skin the way that is implied but it is possible, through hydration and exfoliation, to reduce wrinkle appearance.


1. Excellent cell communicating ingredients that will offer profound results

2. Excellent combination of antioxidants, hydration and enzymes that will nourish and protect the skin

3. No fragrance or dyes included to reduce chances of irritation


1. No exfoliation ingredients to reduce wrinkle depth

2. Long duration for maximum results (10 weeks) – many similar products work more quickly

3. Basic time release moisture – from a medical line there are better delivery systems

Overall – a well priced, well formulated product

Using the best ingredients in the right combinations, this product will hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. The overhyped claims of firming, lifting and stimulating the skin are just that – overhyped. The ingredients are common and can be found in any well formulated product – there is nothing revolutionary about Miracle 10. At the same time there is nothing objectionable about the formula – just the inflated claims of results. A basic cosmetic offering basic results.