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Lancome Visionnaire (LR 2412 4%): BUSTED!

Not Worth Your Money

Lancome has done it again. This season they launched a very run of the mill product and put a great deal of amazing marketing behind the product. Last year Lancome convinced consumers they could activate genetic behaviour with a topical product and this season they launched Visionnaire.

With a new ingredient (LR 2412), which does not appear on the actual ingredient list, they claim it harnesses the power of plant regeneration (this is already a claim being made by much more high end brands which I have busted before). Lancome would have consumers believe their new product will actually reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and decrease pigmentation. All things a topical product cannot do.

Lancome Visionnaire (LR 2412 4%) - $100 for 30 mL


1. Great slip agents to provide cushion and comfort to the skin

2. Hyaluronic Acid included to bind water for hydration

3. Paraben free which is what consumers are demanding


1. Denatured Alcohol is the 4th ingredient listed – this is one of the most harmful ingredients to put on skin – dehydrates, increases cell damages and disrupts natural pH levels

2. Over 60% of the formula is basic slip agents and thickeners which offer no value to the skin at all

3. Incredibly irritating plant oils and fragrances which most skin cannot tolerate

OverallA complete waste of money.

This formula negates any benefit by including incredibly harmful ingredients at high concentrations. There is nothing in this formula that is not found in any moisturizer at any price point. This formula, in fact, is as rudimentary as can be offered. It is simply a basic oil and water formula dressed up in a fancy package. Not only will it not offer any benefit to the health of your skin it actually could irritate and damage your skin.