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Intensive Skincare: Waste of Money

Skincare Products Not Worth Buying

I love taking care of my skin.  I love helping people take care of their skin.  I love cosmetics.  I love cosmetic companies.

I hate wasting money.  I hate seeing people waste money. I hate skincare products that waste people's money.

As a follow up to my last post here is my list of the top three intensive skincare products that are a sheer waste of time and money.  None of them are ever worth buying or using.

1.  Eye Cream—the most successful marketing coup of the cosmetics industry.  There is no difference between an eye cream and its corresponding face cream (maybe a fragrance is deleted but that should not be in skincare anyway).  The difference between an eye cream and a face cream in the size of the jar and the price.  There is no research showing the eye area needs a special cream and don't believe the sales pitch about how thin the skin is around the eye.  All cosmetics work in the same layer of skin regardless of area of the body, so by simple logic a well-formulated face cream will work just fine around the eyes.

2.  Serums—these "booster" products are just moisturizers without thickening agents.  Essentially when you use a serum you are applying two moisturizers.  Why not just get a great moisturizer with the ingredients found in the serum?  Serums are a great tool for parting you from your money but they do not offer any advanced benefit over using a well formulated moisturizer.  And if your moisturizer isn't working don't fall for the "serum will provide better results" pitch.  Just look for a better moisturizer.

3.  Night Cream—the skin does not need something drastically different at night than it does in the day.  Skin always needs hydration, anti oxidant protection, exfoliation and vitamins.  Day and night.  Night creams are usually the same formula as their corresponding day creams with more thickening agents added to appear "richer." Using your day cream in the evening will provide just as good a result as the pricey night cream and you will have less products to keep track of.