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Fortélis Facial Filler PART 2

The Results

Sometimes I wonder why I wait so long to do something.

I have been considering facial fillers for some time and I have found oh so many excuses as to not get it done. Now all I can say is "why did I wait?"

Last week I blogged about Fortélis. I have to say that, while the experinence is not quite what is advertised, the results certainly are.

My most pressing concerns, about having filler done, were:

 Ensuring a natural look

 Avoiding the "frozen" look

 Ease of recovery

Well the procedure was a great success.

I had my work done at Paramedical Skin Health in Toronto (2120 Queen Street East 416 916 7395) and in a strange little side story—the LME who did my work kept saying how she recognized me.  I was flattered but really didn't think too much of it.  Then, during my second visit, she said, "I know who you are!  You trained me years ago." Well I have to say I immediately felt a lot safer (lol).

What to expect: 

1. The procedure is not without pain. I did have a topical freezing agent and it helped but there is discomfort.  Be prepared if you have a low pain threshold. The more volume needed the more painful the injection.  As the filler is built up the pain reduces.

2. It takes more than one appointment.  The brochure says it only takes 30 minutes but this is not true.  There will be swelling from the injections and it needs to subside to evaluate the work.  I was very pleased when I was told I needed to come back in 48 hours for an evaluation and touch ups. The touch-ups were completely painless.

3. Patience is key—my entire prodcedure took 3 hours in total over 2 visits.

4. The results were instant. And any adjustments needed (on the second visit) were instant as well.  Yes I had a few lumps for a couple days but it was ok.

5. Bruising—I flinched and tightened up and it caused bruising.  I was warned.  It is important to relax as much as possible.

6. Bleeding—there may be bleeding.  Especilly if you drink alcohol before the proedure (avoid drinking 24 hours before). I did have wine with dinner the night before and I did bleed.  On my second visit I did not drink the day before and there was no bleeding.

7. The filler feels like my face—not weird implants. I washed my face, slept on it, had a facial everything. Totally normal sensation.

8. The filler spreads over 8 hours—it may fill pockets in the skin and it settles over an 8 hour period. Let the product relax before evaluating and remember a touch may be needed.

9. Not as expensive as I thought—yes it did have a cost but the results last for 1 year and when I did the math it is about the same price as a monthly massage or facial in a high end spa.  Total price $2100—or $175 per month.  Not cheap but not exactly out of the world expensive either.  I weighed it against having Botox (which is what evryone pushes). Botox for me would have been $675 for a treatment (and would not have actually given me all the results I wanted) and would need to be redone every 3 months. Total cost per year $2700. So for me I actually spent less money and got better results.

10. Healing. I was back at work the next day. Yes I bruised but it healed in a couple days. Yes I saw some injection marks whch also healed in a couple days.

Overall—I am extrememly pleased. I look refreshed without looking plastic. I look energized without looking frozen. Most of all I really like the look staring back fom the mirror.  Like I said "why did I wait so long?!"

Before treatment:


Two days after the second treatment:

Notice the fullness of the cheek area, the darkness under my eyes is gone, the lines and wrinkles around my eyes are gine and the ridge inbetween my eyebrow is gone.  Well at least for the next 12 months.