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Fortélis Facial Filler PART 1

Creating Volume in the Face

Many of you know I am not a fan of Botox.

I tried it once and I really did not like the "frozen" effect it gave my face.  Also I was always, in the back of my mind, a little concerned about putting something in my body that was not there naturally.  It never seemed to line up with my personal philosophy about beauty and health.

With all that said, I have recently found myself thinking about having it done. Yes I have to admit my vanity does sometimes get the better of me.  

Here is the dilemma:  in the last few years I have noticed my body change—welcome to getting older. My metobolism has slowed down, my recovery time from injury is longer, I require more exercise than I ever did before and my body fat level has changed. 

Like most men, my mid-section has grown while the extermities of my body have become leaner. Of course that also means loss of adipose tissue in general but the place I have noticed it the most is in the face.

This is part of the ageing process and happens to everyone. The signs of loss of facial adipose tissue are:

 Formation of fine lines

 Deeper facial skin folds

 Hollowing of cheeks

 Sagging of skin

While I am not against the idea of getting older I very much want my exterior presentation to match that of my inner energy level.  Anyone who knows me knows I have inexhaustible energy but recently I started to look at the guy in the mirror and he didn't look energetic.  He looked tired, worn out and a little drained.

And still I resisted the Botox. Still I didn't want to look frozen or artifical.

Then I did what I am good at: research!

That is how I discovered Fortélis filler. Developed by Anteis Labs using hyaluronic acid to build volume without freezing the face or changing the natural contours of shape this product offers instant effects with zero risk of reaction.  Hyaluronic acid is a compound I recommend in skincare products and is actually produced by the body to help maintain the overall health of skin tissue.

So here are the BEFORE pics of me. Taken from 2003—2011. All pics are candid shots and unretouched. You can see the increased loss of adipose tissue.

Toronto 2003 age 29—my face as it looked from about the age of 20-30

Calgary 2005 age 31—notice the angles of the face have become more pronounced, but no lines yet

Los Angeles 2007 age 33—notice the line between my brows and the thinning of the face is becoming more obvious.

Dubai 2008 age 34—even full relaxed the line between the brows is pronounced and the cheeks have begun hollowing out causing fold to appear.

Toronto 2009 age 35—even with a slight smile the vertical lines are deep and the cheeks are very hollow. The line between the brows is now a ridge.

Toronto Island 2011 age 37—the depressions in the cheeks are very pronounced, causing lage skin folds and the skin sags. The ridge between the brows is now premanent.

Next week I will post the after. Yes, that is correct! I am going to have the procedure done and I will write all about the technical side of the products next week. So look for my follow-up blog next Wednesday with all the Beauty: BUSTED! info.