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Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme - BUSTED!

Overpriced For What It Is

Yummy Mummy Kat asked me to comment on Caudalie products.

While it is difficult to review an entire collection on this blog I decided to look at one of their more popular and expensive products.

Caudalie is a skincare company that gets many things correct and they certainly pay a great attention to the details of quality ingredients while not using harmful irritants. Where they come up short is the science to back their claims. In traditional cosmetics “scientific” research they use extremely small sample groups (12 women) to generate statistics to sell the efficacy of their formulas. Let me say this – a sample group of 12 women is not a scientific study and the results attributed to such research should be completely dismissed.

Caudalie Premier Cru La Crème ($180 for 50 mL)


1. An excellent all purpose formula with lipid identical ingredients

2. Fee from fragrances, dyes, chemical preservatives – all plusses

3. Cell communicating peptides to deliver maximum results in a very short period of time


1. Some plant oils included could be irritating for sensitive skins

2. The “vinotherapy” angle is just a remarketing of phenol formulas that have been around for many years

3. Nothing truly revolutionary in the formula that would justify the price – there are many generic formulas in the drug store with many of the same ingredients.


A good moisturizer with all the right types of ingredients that I consider to be beneficial for the skin. Overpriced for what it is – there is not a single ingredient used that cannot be found on dozens of less expensive lines.