Dan Thompson: Beauty Busted


Beauty Myths - True or False?

Shaving, Tweezing, Split Ends and More

I am leaving for vacation today so this will be my last blog until August 22. Before the Autumn season is upon us I wanted to leave you with some thoughts about basic beauty myths that seem to persist for generations. Here is a quick list of myths and the truth about each.

Beauty sleep is a myth – FALSE
When we rest, all of our body systems regenerate and the skin is no exception. No beauty product can replace the effects of a proper night’s rest. The skin will always look better when the body is rested

Split ends can be repaired – FALSE
Once the hair shaft is split there is no over the counter remedy. The only solution is a haircut.

Alcohol free products are best for the skin – TRUE
Drying alcohols speed up free radical damage, deplete the skin of water and cause premature ageing.

Women and men have different skin – FALSE
Skin is skin – from a cosmetic point of view all skin needs cleaning and moisturizing. Gender is irrelevant.

Tweezing causes brows to stop growing – TRUE
The brow hair shaft is extremely delicate and repeated tweezing will eventually damage the follicle enough to stop the growth of hair.

Shaving causes hair to grow thicker – FALSE
Hair grows at the same thickness unless the follicle is damaged. Before one starts to shave, the hair shaft is tapered and looks thin, once shaving starts the shaft no longer grows to the taper and the hair appears thicker because stubble is only the base of the shaft not the tapered end.