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MAC Cleanse Off Oil - $29 for 150mL

This all purpose cleanser is marketed as a makeup remover but it also makes for a general face cleanser. Well suited to the dry, cold Canadian winter it adds lots of moisture with out disrupting the skin’s natural pH (no toner required). The surfactant (active cleanser) is the same surfactant found in many foaming face washes and as such this product can be used with water to create a gentle foaming cleanser.


1. contains 6 skin lipid identical moisturizers so the skin will not dry out

2. free from mineral oil so it cannot clog pores

3. multi purpose as it can be used on oily skin or dry skin

4. balanced formula so no toner is required post use


1. irritating fragrance oils of lavender, orange and limonene can seriously irritate sensitive skins

2. fragrance compound is not recommended for around the eyes – this could sting and burn if it gets in the eyes

3. small size for the price – other facial cleansers at this price point can be found in much larger volumes


Slightly overpriced for the actual performance and while a good all purpose cleanser for tolerant skins it will cause irritation for more sensitive skins. While promoted to be used around the eyes I would strongly urge against this because it can cause a reaction.

Lower price alternative: Muji Cleansing Oil $15 for 200mL. (58% less expensive when comparing price per mL).

I found this in Paris and it is available in specialty shops in Canada. 


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