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Physicians Formula Organicwear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer - $17.50 for 44mL

Well that is quite a mouth full for a product name. I am not really sure how that came about but I can certainly imagine a room full of marketing specialists all naming the product by committee. “Let’s make sure it is all things to all people.” or “Natural, 100%, organic, all these have to be in the name of the product.”

Despite the very descriptive name this product is certainly not as would be implied. As a matter of fact it is about as run of the mill as it can be when it comes to the actual formula.

1. SPF 15 from titanium dioxide. No chemical sunscreens to irritate the skin.

2. 7 lipid identical moisturizing agents to nourish the skin.

3. Great water binding agents to prevent surface dehydration.

1. Volatile plant extracts that can seriously irritate the skin (orange extract and lavender).

2. Talc used as a thickening agent, which will compromise the durability of the product (think frequent touch ups).

3. High concentration of denatured alcohol, which is extremely drying, disrupts the natural pH and can cause serious irritation. It negates all the great moisturizing ingredients and promotes rapid water evaporation from the skin.

Not “all natural” as the name would lead a person to think. This product contains 5 synthetic ingredients (which are perfectly fine but not natural). The amount of drying agents and irritating oils make this a product not worth buying.

Better alternative: Not less expensive but a much better formula (87% more expensive when comparing price per mL). Quo Mineral Sheer Tints ($21 for 29mL) is formulated without the drying agents and contains high potency active skincare ingredients.

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