Makeup For Beginners

The "No Makeup" Makeup

Makeup For Beginners

@JennyO1989 tweeted me:

“Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start wearing makeup, but in a minimal way?”

Indeed I do!

I get asked this question, in my work, very often. Makeup can be as simple or as elaborate as one desires and I am not a fan of make up rules. My advice is always wear that which makes you feel comfortable. 

There are, however, some tips and tricks that can help you practice your application techniques. Practice is important and, remember, makeup is not a tattoo—if you make a mistake it just washes off.

Good brushes

Before you invest in any make up make sure you have good brushes with which to apply. Poor quality brushes will only cause frustration. Cost is not an indication of quality either so ask some important questions before buying brushes: Are the brushes weight balanced? This will allow for even application. From what are the fibres made? Animal hair is not always a good choice as it can absorb make up and often needs special care.  People new to make up will be better served with a high quality synthetic fibreDo the brushes require special cleanser? If yes look for a different brush. Quality brushes can be washed with basic soap and water.

All-in-one products

There are great foundation alternatives on the market and make up novices can benefit from these a great deal. I love products that combine primers, foundations, concealers and powders all in one. And there are lots on the market — make sure you are matching to your skin tone and do not buy too light or too dark a shade.


Use a multi-prism product. A well-formulated blush or bronzer can be used on the face, eyes and body. Multi-prism products create highlights rather than a painted effect.


A must for minimal makeup — it can enhance the eyes and create a great focal point for the entire look.

Lip Gloss

Choose a neutral shade that will work with everything in your wardrobe. Gloss is great because it finishes the look and is very easy to apply. No need for lip liner and it won’t look fake.


These few items can create a soft, natural look that is easy to apply and very classic.