Make-Up Trends For Autumn 2012

Top Designer Looks For The Season

Make-Up Trends For Autumn 2012

Well here we are, officially in the Autumn Fashion Season.  This is the new year for fashion and cosmetics and all the best designs, styles, looks and trends have been reserved for now.

Every year I showcase the hottest trends for Autumn make up from the most prestigious houses.

This year my list includes: Dior, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Chanel.

1.  Dior Golden Jungle

I have a soft spot for this look—a couple of seasons ago I created a collection called Mineral Jungle and when I saw this copy I turned to my business partner and said—"Hey, Dior is copying us!"  Of course I am just kidding but it was kind of an ego boost to know that this great design house has some like minded people there.

Notice the wing on the eye shadow—this is the biggest trend for Autumn 2012.  Extended eye shadow with wide sweeping stripes.  Very chic.  Also peach is going to be very popular this year—note the lipstick in this look a soft neutral peach.  The most important aspect, though, is the metallic finish in all the make up - gold is a big trend in accessories this season, and make up is reflecting that trend.  If you do not have a gold eye shadow rush out and get one.


2.  Armani Easy Chic


This is a very clean version of the trend.  Note the wings on the eyes; this time in black.  That is a staple colour for Armani.  It is also a little more subdued than the Dior look.  Here we still have a soft peach on the lips but bordering on pink.  What works the best, in this look, is the simplicity of the finish.  Two eyeshadows, one eyeliner, a single shade on the lips and almost no blush.  It really is as the name of the collection describes.


3.  Yves Saint Laurent Contemporary Amazon


YSL always features red lips for the autumn - it is their signature. This never comes as a surprise to me. No matter what the current trend YSL always showcases the most beautiful red lipstick. Red lipstick is a make up mainstay and every woman should own at least one good red. A dramatic splash of colour for the most glamorous evenings. YSL keeps to the over extended eyeshadow though and adds the gold as a dramatic highlight right under the brow.


4.  Chanel Les Essentiels de Chanel


Chanel is showcasing the second big trend for lip colour—purple. This trend will continue for some time and I actually predict we will see a lot of purple in the spring as well.  The metallic touch here is an onyx finish on the nails and the eyes colour is extended with liner rather than shadow.  This is a great variation on a theme and is very much inline with the Chanel philosophy of stripped-down style.


5.  Givenchy Acoustic Colour

Givenchy, in my opinion, has managed to create a street ready version of the couture trend.  This collection has all the elements working in perfect harmony without being too "runway." The over extended eyes and the peach lips are perfect.  Note the gold accent is on the lashes and used as eyeliner.  This variation is by far the most commercial and will certainly be one most women can wear.

All of these collections are available now in stores.

Now of course, the question begs, which is my favourite.  Well you knew I was going to say my favourite collection is called Mineral L'Apéro by Daniel Thompson Beauty.  One thing I don't do is create a "look" with a model like the fashion houses do.  This is because I have always felt every woman is my model.  However, I do design products that can be used to create the hottest trends.  My autumn collection launches in stores on September 4.  Next week I will give you a sneak peek!