Make-Up Trends For Spring 2012

Perfectly Polished Skin Is In!

Make-Up Trends For Spring 2012

This season, make-up is bolder and brighter with fresh eye popping palettes borrowed from the colours of spring. With an invigorating splash of saturated hues every aspect of the season sparkles and shimmers. With such intensity and with an array of bold, brash colours maintaining perfectly polished skin is even more important.  This spring foundation takes a back seat to porcelain like buffing and perfect tonality.

Skin needs to be bold not brash, perfectly glowing and totally fresh!

This luminous effect is effortless to create but very specific in the regime. Skipping any step will increase dullness and detract from the overall look.

Prep, polish, perfect in 1, 2, 3:

1. Prep. Retexture the surface skin - 
The new look is highly dependent upon how well the actual skin texture in maintained.  With almost no reliance on foundation, this season, prepping the skin is more critical than ever.  While most people use a good moisturizer, on a regular basis, this alone will not yield the results for the season's must have look.  Also over cleansing will cause the sin to dry out and look rough.  My suggestions for the season:

 Cleanse only once a day in the evening. Remove the dirt, oil and make up from the day before bed.  Using a cleanser with a built-in exfoliator, like gluconolactone, is a great idea.  Avoid using a manual scrub everyday.

 All purpose moisturizer—there are great all in one products on the market now. I love these in the spring summer season because they provide all the benefits of multiple skincare products with all the ease of an express treatment. Avoid any product with alcohol denat., SD alcohol or petroleum bases. These will only make the skin look flakey.

 Mask once a week every week. This is the season where the sun will cause major evaporation.  The skin can quickly go from luminous to dull when water depletes.  using a hydrating masque will not only prevent the dehydration but also prolong the results of all the other skin care products.

2. Polish. Control skin tone without coverage.
The hottest trend, in make-up, this season is skin perfecting products. Basically these are polishing products that offer the ability to correct skin tone irregularities without any coverage at all. The skin can look polished and even but there is never a trace of foundation, no demarcation line, and absolutely no possibility of over applying. Fast, easy and fool-proof. Simply brush a skin perfecting powder across after moisturizing and in an instant the skin is completely flawless. Note: these will not cover blemishes or pigmentation but will correct red, sallow and uneven skin tones.

3. Perfect.  Shimmer and shine.
Everything from eye shadow to lip gloss is sparkling this season and it is important to hit the right spots with these high shine products. Balance in the key—more lip less eye, more eye less cheek, more cheek less lip. But don't be afraid of shimmer. When applied in small doses and on the high points of the face (apples of cheeks, brow bone, lips) it look remarkable and creates a moist, light catching effect that is screams spring time. Use a larger brush to apply and remember a little goes a long way.

Dan's Favourites:
Cleanser: Daniel Thompson Cosmeceuticals The Cleanser ($84 for 150mL)
Moisturizer:  Daniel Thompson Cosmeceuticals The Moisturizer ($112 for 50mL)
Mask: Sisley Masque Créme à la Rose Noire ($175 for 60mL)

Skin Perfecter
Designer: Guerlain Météorites Voyage  ($200 for 8g)
Spa:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Corrector ($89 for 8g)
Mass:  Lancôme Ageless Minéral Complex ($42 for 10g)



Shimmer Products
Designer: La Mer Illuminating Powder ($115 for 10g)
Spa:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Blush ($89 for 8g)
Mass: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick ($47 for 10g)