Meet Dan Thompson - The Beauty BUSTER!

My Semi-Annual Cross Canada Tour

Meet Dan Thompson - The Beauty BUSTER!

Autumn is here!

The “New Year” of fashion and make up has arrived. New looks, new designs and new approaches towards image and style means it is time for my semi annual tour across Canada showcasing how you can achieve all the desired trends and incorporate them into your daily regimes of beauty and fashion.

I love this time of year and meeting all the women who have asked me questions about skincare, make up and trends.

Here is my Autumn schedule of appearances and how you can meet me in person.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and answering all your questions in person. Contact any of these locations to book your personal appointment with me. I will be showcasing all the newest trends in makeup and of course busting beauty myths all day live and in person. Space is always limited so book now to guarantee a confirmed appointment. They are free and loads of fun.

September 28
Toronto, Ontario
Andrews Department Store
416 969 9991

September 29
Brooklin, Ontario
Orchid Salon and Medi-Spa
905 655 2424

October 1
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Chrysalis Spa
902 446 3929

October 3
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Allison’s Salon and Spa
902 566 1141

October 4
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Mientje’s Salon and Spa
902 566 4780

October 5
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Sue Lawrence Gallery and Spa
506 457 2922

October 18
Ottawa, Ontario
Daya Spa
613 244 4333

I hope to see all the Yummy Mummy Club members in each of these cities!


Nail Polish 101

Why They Cost What They Cost and How to Save

Nail Polish 101

Recently, I was asked if spending extra money on designer nail polish was worth the expense.

I have two thoughts about this –

1. if the concern is about the formula, there is no reason to spend extra money as most nail polish is made from the same ingredients 

2. if the concern is trendy colours, then yes, buying a designer polish is ok since they are often the fashion trend setters

It is best to decide what the primary need for the polish is and go from there.

How Nail Polish is Made

The primary component in all nail polish is called nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose is a flammable liquid mixed with micro particles of cotton which form a film across the nail but sets slowly to allow for complete adhesion and long wear. Nitrocellulose on its own is quite brittle (thus causing chipping) and to create longer wearing polishes, additional resins are added.

These resins allow the polish to wear well and also help suspend the colour in the formula so it is easy to layer on the nail. The most common resins used are amyl/butyl stearate and acetate. 99% of all nail polish include these resins. My advice is to read the ingredient list carefully and if there is very little difference between a designer polish and the generic one you can use a less expensive product and expect the same durability of wear.


A side note – OPI, the leading nail polish brand by volume in North America, also creates polish for many other brands and often sells them at low prices. For example you can buy an OPI polish in a salon for $12 but all Sephora brand polishes are made by OPI and sell for $9. A savings of 25% for the exact same products.